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05/19/2012    3:15 AM

Some early photos from the 2012 M Festival at the 24 Hours Nurburgring race. The MotoGP M6 safety car was revealed at the event, where it led the M Corso parade. The F13 M6 coupe was shown at M Night.

04/19/2012    8:00 AM

Soon the hearts of all BMW M fans will be beating faster: this year, The M Festival will be launched for the second time. With a thrilling race and an unforgettable programme, the event, just as last year’s, is a must-see for all BMW M enthusiasts.

Real competitive atmosphere, supreme sporting performances and the stirring enthusiasm of the unique community of the most powerful letter in the world.

Enjoy unforgettable days with unsurpassable views on the racing scene with our M Festival Package.

T14 (Natural grandstand).
Welcome to the natural grandstand T14. Enjoy a perfect view on the racing scene from our specially set up BMW M Club Gallery located in close proximity to the exit of the Grand Prix course and the entry to the Nordschleife.

In this eventful VIP … CONTINUED

07/05/2011    11:15 AM

Here is a video recap of the very first M Festival and BMW’s 2nd place finish in the 24 Hour Nurburgring race. M Festival festivities took place next to the race track and included three days of fun for M enthusiasts, including M Night, M Coros, M Fan Flight, and M Party. Check out some video highlights inside.