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02/04/2010    2:30 PM

BMW has already confirmed that the BMW X3 (F25) will be all new for 2011. Additionally, production is to be moved to South Carolina in the newly expanded plant alongside the other X vehicles.

The car itself is built upon a shared platform with the next generation 3-series (F30) and since the X3 will be released before the next generation 3-series it will actually serve as a preview for the 3-series.

Benefiting from the 3-series lineage, the X3 will now come up to par with the rest of the BMW lineup and no longer considered a pariah in the BMW family. Technology, engines, chassis and quality will all be roundly improved as well as styling.

01/21/2010    12:15 AM

BMW continues testing the X3 but doesn’t yet want to pull of anymore camo so once again we see the black and white psychadelic camo and not much else. Like the X1, the proportions look good and this should end up as a very nice upgrade to the current X3 when the car is finally released.

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Source: CAR Magazine

12/11/2009    8:23 AM

Joining its brethern (the 3-series and 1-series) the next generation X3 has also been caught starting its cold weather testing cycle. It seems X3 development has been slowed down a little (because of the success of the X1 as some rumors have it). As you may remember this X3 has been under development for quite a long time now, far longer then the next 1-Series and 3-Series.

Credits to spyshots.nl for the photos: