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01/17/2011    2:00 PM

It seems like its all 6, all the time, recently doesn’t in? Its true, we’ve been showing alot of 6-Series pictures recently, but thats because BMW has been kind enough to parade around its new big coupe in a few different colors and trims. To recap, the coupe was recently spotted in Vermillion Red and Deep Sea Blue.

Now what we have before us is the new Coupe in Alpine White, with standard body trim, ie. no M-Sport. This appears to be the top of the class 650i, given away by its dual square exhausts out the rear and large 19 or 20″ alloy wheels, which are unbelievable. The beautifully proportioned car is everything you would expect it to be on the heels of the officially released … CONTINUED

11/27/2010    4:30 PM

Gerald Alvarez has rendered yet another stunner, this time of the 2012 M6 convertible based on recently released official photos of the F12 6 series convertible. This one shows off the potential M trim interior more than external styling.

10/26/2010    10:20 AM

An M6 coupe preview comes to us via another Alpine325ci creation. Gerald’s detailing is amazing as always, as evident by the details he gleams from the 6-series Concept Coupe, including the stunning interior.

06/23/2010    6:15 PM

We bring you the first ever video of the upcoming BMW M6, captured near the Nurburgring. Though the video is short, it nevertheless provides a dynamic look at the M6, not to mention a listen at the ~600hp V8 twin turbo motor. We hope these wheels are the eventual production wheels as they look terrific in motion!