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10/08/2013    11:45 AM

With the F15 X5 now launched, BMW turns to developing its SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) sibling – the F16 X6.

The new X6 shares styling cues from both the new X5 and the upcoming X4. It shares the X5′s new headlights-meet-grilles, enlarged kidney grilles and more forward leaning front fascia. Like the X5, the X6 also features air breather vents behind its front wheels.

With the X4 it shares the distinctive rear upsweeping character line which extends from the front of the rear fender upwards to meet the rear tail lights.

The F16 X6 should drop some weight as the F15 X5 has over the previous generation and generally retain a similar size and wheelbase as the current X6. It will share the F15 X5′s engine/model lineup. This … CONTINUED

02/08/2013    12:30 PM

The rumormill and speculation for the second generation X6 has begun cranking. Autocar starts us off with many morsels of preliminary details/rumors. Here is a summary list of the details:

Introduction within next 18 months
Will feature even more aggressive styling than current model
Styling and look will move even further away from X5, for more individual look
Length to increase approximately 1.3 in / 33 mm (for extra interior room)
Longer wheelbase and wider track
Weight savings expected from:
Composite steel structure platform, which uses a higher percentage of hot-formed high-strength alloys

05/25/2011    12:00 PM

Automobile speculates on and previews the next generation X5 and X6, which they’ve labeled as 2014 models and placed their debut of the X5 at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, with the X6 to debut six months later.

So what can we expect for the third generation X5 and second generation X6? Read on…