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09/18/2012    12:45 PM

With F30 3 series deliveries chugging along, it was only a matter of time before our members started gathering with their F30s.

This weekend saw our Toronto area members gather for the first substantial F30 meet, with 9 owners making it out with their F30 models of all different varieties and colors.

09/11/2012    11:20 AM

New feature video on the Afrox / ADF F30 race car where the viewer gets a great look and listen at the race car with its Akrapovic exhaust system and BMW M Performance Parts.


2,998 pounds (1360kg)
408hp / 443 lb-ft torque (600nm)
Turbos boost lowered to maximum 0.7 bar and 40mm turbo inlet restrictor
M Performance front brakes (370mm)
18″ BBS wheels
Akrapovic exhaust
GPS data logging system
6 weeks to complete, at cost of 196,300 Euro

Previous features on the ADF / Afrox F30:

http://www.f30post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=661374… CONTINUED

09/10/2012    3:30 PM

Ever wonder how the BMW F30 3 Series would look with an M6 style front bumper or the front apron/fascia from the 1M coupe? No further imagination needed as both have now been done! LTBMW in Los Angeles has custom produced each style for the F30 3 series, giving 3 series owners some great aftermarket aero kit options to give their F30 sedans a touch of M styling.

Check out the excellent photos by John Zhang of 1013mm (owner and photographer of this car) inside!

09/09/2012    12:00 PM

Here is the F30 328i M Sport looking beautiful in a recent photo shoot. The car belongs to site member scott@bmwhn and looks especially good with Style 373M OEM wheels (from the 6 series M Sport) fitted, paired with yellow M Performance brakes.

Wheels/tires/suspension specs:

Style 373M (found on the 650i Msport)
Front: 245/35 R20x8.5 ET33
Rear: 275/30 R20x9 ET44
H&R Sport Springs

09/06/2012    12:00 PM

French auto magazine l’Argus strip away the 4 Series Gran Coupe prototype camouflage digitally to give us a preview of what the F36 4 series gran coupe may resemble once it is revealed. An M4 Gran Coupe may also be in the cards if the confirmed M6 Gran Coupe is any indication.

09/04/2012    3:30 PM

We have recently spied the F36 4 Series Gran Coupe (4GC) out testing again and although it wears the same camouflage as before, we get a first look at the F36 against the F30 3 series sedan and the F34 3 Series GT (gran touring).

What’s clearly confirmed by the photos is the expected difference in roofline heights and shapes between the different models, which mirror the differences between the 6 series gran coupe, 5 series sedan and 5 series GT. The 4GC features the lowest and sleekest roofline, followed by the slightly taller F30 sedan, and then the GT. The 4GC will also add some centimeters in its overall length compared to the F30 sedan.

Codenamed as the F36, the 4 Series Gran Coupe will top the … CONTINUED

09/04/2012    10:00 AM

F30 M Sport models have hit dealer and owner’s driveways in force and that gives us some even more opportunity to see how the F30 M Sport looks against the E90 M Sport model.

Town & Country BMW in Toronto gives us a great comparison photo set comparing virtual twins from different generations – an Alpine White F30 M Sport with red interior versus Alpine White E90 M Sport with red interior.

08/29/2012    3:00 PM

Autocar India conducts its annual Autocar Trackday 2012, pitting India’s 11 best driver’s cars against each other at the hands of Formula 1 driver Narain Karthikeyan.

Three BMWs were included in the competition, including the 2013 F10 M5, F30 328i, and 640d Coupe. See the results inside.

The segment for each car starts at:

F30 328i – 5:57min
640d Coupe – 7:36min
F10 M5 – 9:54min

Track times:

F30 328i – 2:5.7 (car was suspension blocks!)
640d Coupe – 2:1.9
F10 M5 – 1:57.1

Here’s how the 328i, 640d, and M5 compare on paper (factory quoted specs):

F30 328i – 240hp / 255lb-ft / 0-60 5.4s
640d Coupe – 315hp / 465lb-ft / 0-60 5.2s
F10 M5 – 560hp / 501 lb-ft / 0-62 4.4s

08/28/2012    5:25 PM

BMW maintains that the sometimes maligned 5-Series GT is a good seller despite the public perception, so much so that a scaled down 3-Series iteration has been under development for some time. Now it seems the development of this car is nearing the point of public release and so BMW has dropped the typical body cladding and now only covers the car up in a minimal amount of camouflage tape.

While the general shape of this car has been known to follow the 5-Series GT lines, what has not been known until now are the details. First and foremost, this car should not be confused with the upcoming 4-Series Gran Coupe. The 4-Series GC will be a ‘four door coupe’ in a similar fashion to the 6-Series … CONTINUED