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11/24/2009    2:29 PM

Click inside for various photos of the F10 5-series interior, including the dash, nav screen, passenger compartment, etc.

11/23/2009    3:57 PM

Follow the jump to check out the most complete wallpaper collection you can find on the internet. All the official wallpapers are collected here alongside videos as well as the official press releases associated with the official reveal of the car.

11/23/2009    3:02 PM

Here’s a look into the design process and the technology of the all new F10 5-series.

11/23/2009    1:37 PM

Just moments before its official public live web reveal, here are some photos of the all new F10 5-series fully uncovered!!

11/23/2009    12:23 AM

The new 2010 5-series (F10) will be unveiled live on the web today, November 23rd @ 8PM CET! We will have live coverage throughout the day.

11/05/2009    7:00 AM

Here comes the new BMW 5 Series. This has got to be the most hotly anticipated new BMW in recent memory. While the current E60 5 Series was a bit of a polarizing car, the BMW top brass has promised this car to be the most beautiful BMW is recent history. What does that mean exactly? The car will likely appeal to all the senses and not carry any distracting or ostentatious design cues that some recent BMWs have had in order to get attention.

The svelte design will be mated to BMWs current generation of engines including the increasing proliferation of turbo technology. The interior has been seen as closely mirroring what is on the … CONTINUED

11/03/2009    1:06 PM

Most revealing spy photos of the F10 5-series yet, including closeups of the exact shape of the headlights.

10/26/2009    6:54 AM

The guys over at autowereld.com have snagged some new photos of the same black F10 previously caught hiding behind a fenced BMW lot (http://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=314317). But now the car is on the roads, and is looking low slung and sleek. The sleekest midsize sedan Ive ever seen to be honest. Expect some more camo to some off next week!

Source: http://www.autowereld.com/spyshots/d…euwe%20BMW%205

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Attachment 318998

10/20/2009    8:55 PM

Seen here are the most revealing F10 5-series photos yet. The strip tease continues and this test car sports the least camoflage to date. Shes shaping up to be a beauty folks!!

Attachment 317360

Attachment 317361

Attachment 317362

Attachment 317363

Attachment 317364

From Motorauthority: http://www.motorauthority.com/pictur…ry-1#100231338