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11/18/2010    10:15 AM

We bring you some first production photos of the 2012 6 series convertible from its birthplace at the Dingolfing Plant, where the 5 and 7 series are also produced. The first customers are expected to receive their 6 series convertible in the Spring of 2011.

11/18/2010    9:13 AM

Here are some wallpapers providing a glimpse into the design and modeling process of the 2012 6-series convertible. Featured prominently is its exterior designer Nader Faghihzadeh and various other members of the design team.

11/17/2010    6:42 PM

Words like “breathtaking” and “irresistible” punctuate the history of BMW Convertibles. Now, BMW has opened a new chapter in the tradition of open-top cars. The new BMW 650i Convertible fulfils the wishes of the most discerning automotive enthusiast as The Ultimate Driving Machine® with groundbreaking luxury and crisp good looks. In the premium convertible market, the 650i Convertible presents a convincing case with the most advanced chassis technology and most innovative comfort, infotainment and safety features.

11/17/2010    5:10 PM

The Concept 6 Series Coupe made its north american debut today at the 2010 LA Auto Show after making its world debut last month at the Paris Motorshow. The concept is expected to be a very accurate preview of what the production 6-series coupe will be.

11/17/2010    1:30 PM

The official release and announcement of the 6-series convertible is coming today. Autoexpress has already printed photos in their latest edition and BMW insider Scott teases with the same announcement. Stay tuned to our homepage!

10/04/2010    4:45 PM

Alpine325ci gives us a digital preview of what the 2012 M6 coupe could resemble in yet another stunning image. The 2012 M6 coupe will share the same motor and drivetrain as the upcoming M5 will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012.The M6 Cabrio will follow later in 2012. M6 Gran Coupe will arrive in late 2013. A Possible M6 Shooting brake is on the cards.

09/20/2010    10:29 AM

BMW has launched a special section for the F12 6-series Coupe Concept on the bmw.de site (link here). The section features new photos and the first video (below). On Sept. 30, the first press day at Paris Motor Show, the car’s design story full video will also be launched on the site. Signup on the page for e-mail updates regarding the 6-series coupe concept.

08/23/2010    10:30 AM

We bring you the closest and clearest photos yet of the upcoming 6-series interior. The interior looks largely the same from the first interior spyshots from May, and continues to share a majority of its design and elements with the beautiful F10 5-series interior, with the major exception of the navigation screen, which is fixed like the 5-series, but not integrated into the dash.

This particular car was a convertible version.

The 2012 6-series is expected to debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

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08/17/2010    11:33 AM

The 2012 M6 (F12) has now been spotted with its production bumper for the first time. Spotted at the Nurburgring, this M6 prototype wears its M bumper, as well as showing its LED lights in action. We believe that the shape of the bumper camouflage may be intentionally deceiving and that the bumper fins will slant outwards just as seen on the M5 prototype.

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