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06/29/2011    2:00 PM

The soon to be released 6-Series Gran Coupe was first seen as a concept platform to showcase the new 6-Series Coupe styling, back in April of 2010. But then rumors and then design patent filings revealed that indeed BMW was going to produce a production version of the vehicle. Final confirmation came in the form of the first spyshots of the vehicle.

Today, we bring you the best quality spyphotos of the new 6-Series to date. The new photos reveal one very important feature. BMW has stayed true to the styling of the original concept, the production Gran Coupe is just as low slung and sleek in design as the original. There is no question that the Gran Coupe is designed to go head to head with … CONTINUED

06/22/2011    3:00 PM

Introducing for the first time – the production BMW 6-series gran coupe spied during testing! The beautiful 6-series gran coupe is a sedan-coupe take on the F13 6-series coupe and features frameless windows. As earlier patent images revealed, the Gran Coupe shows the same front and rear bumpers as the existing 6-series models F12 and F13.

The 6-series Gran Coupe is quite a bit longer than the 6-series coupe and convertible. The Concept Gran Coupe unveiled back in 2010 has a length of over 5m (197 inches) while the 6-series coupe is 4.9m or 192.7 inches. These spy shots suggest a similar increase in size.

BMW apparently is so fond of the Gran Coupe idea that they’re already looking into a Gran Coupe version based on the next … CONTINUED

05/27/2011    12:40 PM

The upcoming 6 Series Gran Coupe’s exterior design has apparently been revealed in these renderings found in a BMW patent filing. This design remains fairly close to the BMW Concept Gran Coupe revealed a year ago at the Beijing Autoshow. The front fascia loses some of its more aggressive styling bits such as the aggressive side intake inlets in favor of the production 6-series bumper. The wheels have also been sized down for practical purposes.

Expect the 6 Series Gran Coupe to feature the same range of engines as the current 6-series coupe and convertible.

Based on previously info, we’ve tentatively pegged its debut to be sometime mid-next year.

07/27/2010    9:45 PM

Anders Warming, Head of Exterior Design BMW, provides some great insight into the details and ideas behind the stunning Concept Gran Coupe, pointing out classic BMW design cues, as well as hints towards the future of BMW design.

07/25/2010    9:30 PM

In case you missed this information (as it was added later), BMW insider Scott26 has disclosed plans for an 6-series M Gran Coupe, two gasoline versions, two diesel versions, and an ActiveHybrid version. The tentative release and sales schedule has also been provided – Summer 2012 debut in Paris or Beijing and on sale in late 2012.

07/23/2010    12:00 PM

It’s official! BMW officials at the Gran Coupe Welt premier have acknowledged that this concept car will join the coupe and cabrio in the next 6-series lineup. We have been told that it will be marketed as the “6-series Gran Coupe” and will be BMW’s first sedan “coupe,” to take on the likes of the MB CLS and Porsche Panamera.

07/21/2010    12:01 AM

The BMW Concept Gran Coupe is set to make its German debut at BMW Welt. BMW’s latest concept car will premier at the Welt beginning this Thursday at 5PM (until Aug. 4) in a free party open to the public. Stay tuned to our site for photos.

04/26/2010    11:00 AM

According to BMW insider SCOTT26, the Gran Coupe has already been approved for production, with a standard model available for completion in a short time frame. But, the fully working concept version (the one in Beijing has no interior or mechanicals) will not debut until the Paris Autoshow. The final Gran Coupe concept car will feature innovative interior design and materials, with use of glass, copper, stone, and wood.

04/23/2010    5:25 PM

Here are the first live photos of the BMW Gran Coupe Concept from the Beijing unveiling. The concept is reportedly already green lighted for production and will become the 6-series Gran Coupe, a low slung 4-door “coupe” to take on the likes of the Mercedes CLS and Audi A7.