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07/28/2011    2:10 PM

AC Schnitzer’s development of a BMW 1M coupe tuning program is underway. They join tuners such as Revozport, Kelleners Sport, TechTec, and others who have sought to put their own custom touches on the small monster M. That so many tuners are developing parts for a short run car such as the 1M coupe is a testament to its appeal as a true enthusiasts’ car.

GTspirit was recently invited to AC Schnitzer’s design and work shop to observe head designer Michele Vindante working on the AC Schnitzer 1M Coupe.

The aero part design starts with a computer generated design, which then moves on to clay modeling (on a small scale). A mold is then cast from the final clay model. The mold is then translated to a true-to-life … CONTINUED