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12/17/2010    2:45 PM

We bring you the first extensive video footage of the 1M coupe, in over 11 unedited minutes of the newest M car, including footage of start up, acceleration, revving, handling, and track footage. A nice bonus is footage of the 1M coupe running on the track with its spiritual forefather – the E30 M3.

12/13/2010    1:48 PM

Skiddmark has shared this great in studio video of the 1M coupe, featuring a live rotating view of the 1M as well as some motor revving action! Video inside – listen to the 1M being revved at 1:52 and 4:12 marks of the video.

12/10/2010    10:25 AM

The 1M Coupe Visualizer is now available on BMW.com, including a virtual look at the 1M in black and white. In addition to the 360 degree visualizer, there is a complete set of 1M design and technology highlights for you to explore.

12/09/2010    3:53 PM

The 1-series M Coupe’s full release and specs will come at approximately 6PM EST, but basic specs have been posted by BMW insider Scott26. The 1M Coupe will feature 335hp, 0-100km/h in 4.9 seconds, 332 lb-ft torque (+37 overboost), and 1570kg (EU) weight. Pricing will come in at approximately 50,500 Euros.

12/08/2010    2:14 PM

The BMW 1-series M Coupe has just been fully unveiled in this official video! Check inside for the full look. The press release and official photos will come tomorrow (Thursday) at 6PM EST so stay tuned! This also provides the first official look at the 1-series LCI facelift, with its revised headlights (with eyebrows) and light bar tail lights.

12/07/2010    5:15 PM

It appears that the 1M coupe’s official internet reveal date has been moved up – to this Thursday, December 9 @ 6PM EST! Mark your calendars to tune in at that time to witness the 1M fully revealed for the first time.

12/06/2010    9:07 PM

The M-power.com closed room has now been updated with the video of the newest partial unveiling of the 1M coupe, with a clearer look of the body side crease than the photos from earlier today.

12/06/2010    12:45 PM

Andy Priaulx and Dr. Segler pushed the ball forward another step this past Sunday December 5, with an additional piece of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé unveiled to the public at the Autosport Awards in The Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London UK.