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08/22/2011    12:40 PM

Here’s 1ADDICTS member 1mGator’s 1M and european delivery story, documented well in his ED journal and photos. His story:

My love of BMW’s started in 1988 with the purchase of my E30 325ic. I loved that car and like many of you, I have had the pleasure of owning many of these wonderful cars through the years. In 2000, as a graduation present I gave my son the E30 and it served him well through 450,000 miles – he drives a 335i today and loves the brand. I am happy to have passed this obsession on to my family and we had the pleasure of doing a PCD delivery last October form my wife’s X5. Finally, after years of dreaming of ED the purchase of the … CONTINUED

08/15/2011    7:47 PM

We’re really hoping that this a joke by some bored 1M coupe owner because we can’t make sense of much of this build. The ironic thing? The Singapore plates on the car costs at least $100,000 USD! As they say, money cannot buy taste.

Words can’t really explain well what’s going on here, so see for yourself below.

08/13/2011    11:57 AM

1ADDICTS member MusclezMarinara shares some highlights of his recent BMW 1M Coupe Performance Center delivery trip with us via his PCD journal.

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08/11/2011    11:25 AM

Biglare took to the track with his modified BMW 1M coupe at OCRC for some evaluation of the performance enhancements from his ESS tune, KW V3 coilovers, Eisenmann Race full exhaust, HRE P43S wheels, and Toyo Proxes 1 Tires. His evaluation and some nice video and photos from the session can be found inside.

08/08/2011    9:15 AM

Autogespot has put together a beautifully produced video and photoshoot featuring the BMW 1M coupe, wearing Valencia Orange. Check out the 1M eye candy inside.

08/03/2011    5:25 PM

RevoZport claims a weight reduction of 60kg (132lb) from the entire kit, which is no insignificant amount of weight saved. It improves the 1M coupe’s power-to-weight ratio from 9.8lb/hp to 9.36lb/hp. Parts list, details, photos, and pricing are detailed below.

Front Grill
Lightweight Hood
Front Splitter
Front Splitter Brake Duct Kit
Side Skirt
Lightweight Trunk
Trunk Lip Spoiler
GT Spoiler with Mount
Roof Spoiler
Lightweight Roof Panel
Mirror Covers
Rear Diffuser
Interior Door Cards

RevoZport describes … CONTINUED

08/03/2011    3:25 PM

The first dyno results and review of the ESS Directflash Stage 1 flash tune for the BMW 1M coupe are in. Based on using the standard 15-18% drivetrain loss the car stock is making about 370 HP and the stage 1 tune is making about 410 HP. Stage 2 of their tune is in the works. Dyno graphs and more feedback from member biglare can be seen inside.

08/03/2011    1:00 PM

Most reviews of the 1M coupe are the result of a short test drive. Perhaps more telling however, are the longer term reviews, such as Autoblog’s just published review. Their latest 1M review comes from a week’s worth of evaluation. Their 1M experience may have spanned a longer period than most test drives, but their words for the car are just as effusive. Here’s some of their notable praise for 1M coupe.

08/01/2011    5:20 PM

1addicts member and race car driver Advevo setup a showdown with a track prepped E46 M3 CSL this past weekend on the Nurburgring to show just what the 1M was made of when running live against the iconic M3 CSL. The results are impressive to say the least!