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07/22/2011    9:45 AM

It was bound to happen, but we didn’t expect to see a 1M accident this soon. This 1 of only 80 BMW 1M coupes total (and first delivered in country) for the Korean market was recently involved in an accident. What’s worse is the car belongs to 1addicts member eztonyc.

The damage will require some moderate bodywork, but it hopefully does not have any substantial frame damage. With worldwide 1M production numbers being only in the low thousands at most, it would be a real shame to lose one to 1M heaven so early.

07/17/2011    8:45 PM

1addicts member and photographer TOMiRRi has an affinity for shooting the BMW 1M apparently as this is his second photo shoot (he previously photographed a black 1M). He only needs to shoot an Alpine White 1M in order to complete the trifecta, and we look forward to seeing that.

07/14/2011    1:55 PM

And yet another great 1M delivery experience, this time at the BMW Performance Center. 1addicts member carchrism5 shares his 1M journey with us – from ordering to the PCD finale. Experience it vicariously through his images and words inside.

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07/08/2011    2:45 PM

Kelleners Sport has come to market with the first full BMW 1M performance and aerodynamic program, dubbed the “KS-1S”. The 1M already had plenty of show and go, but Kelleners 1M kit has put its touches on each aspect. Highlights:

KS Power SW bumps output up to 410hp and 405lb-ft torque
Weight to power ratio drops from 4.4 (factory) to 3.8 kg per hp
Kelleners Sport rear silencers with four 83 mm tail pipes
Adjustable coilover kit
MS front spoiler lip
3-piece bumper stainless steel mesh inserts
Racing stripes
White contrasting mirrors

05/02/2011    9:16 AM

Right out of the gates InsideLine goes for the jugular and lets the readers know their overall opinion of the car. “The 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe is a fantastically compelling machine. It is fast — faster in real-world terms than the M3 on most roads.” And that is the basis for the rest of the article, which is filled with praise after praise.

Edmunds states what we know, the power doesn’t match up to the M3, however the massive torque figure makes up for the difference giving the 1M more then enough straight line pull. Whats really notable is that in their drive they felt the power all the way up the RPM band to 7000, without getting any sense of power trailing off. So … CONTINUED

01/04/2011    6:07 PM

Here are the best photos yet of the 1M coupe in alpine white! The car is currently on display in the Netherlands at a BMW dealer. Enjoy!

01/02/2011    11:45 PM

This will go down as the first officially released photo of the 1M in Alpine White. I’m sure there are more to come, but for now its just this single, but the 1M does sit confidently next to the hardcore BMW M3 GTS in the M family.

12/21/2010    6:30 PM

Here are the first photos ever of the 1M coupe in Alpine White. Quite a beauty we must say! The Valencia Orange of the 1M coupe used in BMWs marketing materials was often polarizing, so this color should sit a lot better with most fans.

12/19/2010    7:54 PM

BMW has posted some new footage of the 1-series M coupe – a behind the scenes look into a photoshoot from this past summer. View inside.