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12/06/2010    12:45 PM

Andy Priaulx and Dr. Segler pushed the ball forward another step this past Sunday December 5, with an additional piece of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé unveiled to the public at the Autosport Awards in The Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London UK.

11/29/2010    12:31 PM

Autoblog has posted its first drive impressions of the 1-series M Coupe prototype from their test drive in Germany. Not much new info is divulged, but the general reaction is a positive one.

11/26/2010    1:00 PM

A 1addicts member reports that the official release/reveal date of the hotly anticipated production 1 Series M Coupe will be December 12, 2010! This date was later corroborated by BMW insider Scott. Be sure to tune 12/12/10 for the reveal.

11/25/2010    8:09 PM

The next partial reveal of the 1M coupe is imminent and its full unveil is next month, but it continues being evaluated. Just spotted in Munich is this black 1M coupe prototype showing covered M3 mirrors and new LCI headlights/tail lights. The wheels (Style 270M M3 winter wheels) have likely been fitted for some better cold weather traction. These photos also highlight the aggressively flared fenders of the 1 series M coupe.

11/25/2010    6:35 PM

Contrary to earlier reports of a 2,700 unit limit on the 1-series M Coupe, based on new info from insider Scott26, it now appears that BMW will build as many 1M coupes as demand dictates during its production run, which will end in the first quarter of 2012. Yesterday’s engine specs image shows a 3/11 date after the 1M coupe engine, which we believe may indicate the start of production as March 2011. If this is the case, the entire 1M coupe production run will span approximately one year.

11/25/2010    12:20 PM

The fifth review from a 1addicts member who attended the BMW 1 series M coupe test drive event is in. This one features feedback from the perspective of an E46 M3 owner. Read on inside.

11/24/2010    1:03 PM

This is the most comprehensive review yet of the 1-series M coupe from BMW’s pre-drive event. See how the 1M coupe felt from the perspective of an E30 M3 owner who also happens to be a driving instructor.

11/21/2010    8:55 PM

Hi everyone. I was one of the three participants from the US and my reference for comparison is my 2008 135.

Let me start with some cliff notes for those of you who may not want to read the entire review. After this experience, and depending on how the 1M will be priced, Im looking at putting my 135 up for sale which I never thought I would do. I really do like my 135, but the 1M is on a whole different level.

Before this pre-drive event, I took out a 2008 E92 M3 6MT to get an idea how it would compare. The first thing I noticed compared to my 135, was … CONTINUED

11/21/2010    4:36 PM

Next up is an excellent written review of the 1 series M coupe from a 135i owner’s perspective. Woland’s Advocate loved the 1m coupe prototype and it shows in his expertly written words. Check it out inside!