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09/03/2010    3:10 PM

Alpine325ci is at it again, this time producing an absolutely gorgeous wallpaper render of the upcoming 1M Coupe, set inside a tunnel at high speed. The 1M in the image looks spot on based on all that we’ve seen of the 1M Coupe so far!

09/02/2010    12:30 PM

Our resident photoshop wizard, Gerald Alvarez, has again produced some great renders to share with the Bimmerpost community. These are of the upcoming1M Coupe – front and rear view. Check out the stunning renders inside!

08/31/2010    8:45 PM

Concensus is that the 1M Coupe will be powered by the N54 motor, but BMW has not officially announced this yet, nor has anyone seen under its hood to confirm. But, here is good visual proof of the N54 Motor, based on the sighting of the N54′s twin center catalytic converters (N55 does not have these center cats).

08/30/2010    2:55 PM

Try as they may, BMW can’t manage to conceal every last bit of the car that they are holding off on revealing. We have now spotted the 1M mirrors, carbon fiber diffuser/rear valence, and potentially an aggressive hood design. Scott26 also confirms a carbon fiber roof.

08/29/2010    4:00 PM

BMW didn’t reveal much info on the 1M this past Friday, but notable confirmed details include its color (Valencia Orange Metallic, a new exclusive color), transmission (manual 6-speed only), and the wheels to be M3 competition wheels. Other info include that the front air intake, sideskirts, and rear view mirrors are all very similar to the M3′s.

08/28/2010    2:00 AM

Forum member elfhearse has provided the best undercarriage photos yet of the 1M Coupe. From these photos it’s easy to see the M limited slip differential with its large cooling fins, as well as the M suspension bits. This car is very much ///M.

08/28/2010    1:08 AM

Only 1/4 of the 1M Coupe was actually revealed at Oktoberfest, but Bimmerpost members are masters of details and imagination. The very observant member Shinobi has spotted what looks to be the edge of a front fender vent peeking out from under the cover.

08/27/2010    10:24 PM

Our friends at Bimmerfile have posted these photos of the 1-series M Coupe from earlier in the day at Oktoberfest. Under the sunlight it’s much easier to see the true hue of the Valencia Orange color. Not much more of the car is revealed in these photos, but we do get to see the same car from different angles.

08/27/2010    2:09 PM

The BMW 1M Coupe has now been unveiled (partially) via this video!! The video was just posted on M-power.com and shows the highly anticipated 1M Coupe’s stunning front 3/4 view! Stay tuned tonight for more info/coverage from BMW CCA Oktoberfest.