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03/20/2012    8:10 PM

Site member and renowned driver Advevo shows how much driving skill equalizes the power and performance difference between cars. The 1M is no slouch but on paper it gives up much to the lightweight M3 GTS, but Advevo manages to keep it a very close race on this Nurbrugring lap.

This lap by Advevo in his 1M was completed in just 7.45, an impressive task in and of itself.

03/14/2012    3:30 PM

German tuner Hartge has released its tuning program and cosmetic upgrades for the 1 series M coupe.

For more power, the Hartge ECU tune for the 1M’s N54 engine paired with its sports exhaust system pushes the 1M’s power from the factory 335hp/332lb-ft to 396hp and 391lb-ft torque.

The resulting real-world performance increase? According to Hartge, their 1M goes from 0-200kmh (124mph) in 11.34 seconds (a 2.18 second increase over the factory 1M’s 13.52 seconds). On top of that, there’s an increase in efficiency of 0.5L/km less consumption than the factory 1M.

Cosmetic aero parts include a trunk spoiler and roof spoiler.

01/28/2012    3:30 PM

The results are in from Car and Driver’s sixth annual Lightning Lap Tests @ Virginia International Raceway (VIR).

BMWs tested in this year’s Lightning Lap include the 1M coupe, 335is, X5 M, and Z4 sDrive35is. How did each model fare? See inside.

01/16/2012    12:40 PM

No, this isn’t a shot from outside the Leipzig factory where the 1M was manufactured. This is from a Southern California 1ADDICTS meet where no less than 20 1M coupes gathered this past weekend for a meet & greet. No surprise as the SoCal area is likely to have the biggest concentration of 1Ms in any single geographic area in the world. Check out the great photos inside.

01/16/2012    10:00 AM

The first 1M + 1-series 1addicts Family get together in Australia was held in Sydney, Australia recently at the Dose Espresso cafe on the Northshore. A good turnout from the local and not so local BMW community.

01/10/2012    12:45 PM

We have finally been able to obtain a final US 1M production figure for all those curious. The final count for US 1Ms was 740 units, per BMWNA M Manager, Matt Russell

The very first one imported was the Valencia Orange 1M Pace Car which debuted at the Rolex 24 hour race at Daytona.

We received some insight at the Detroit NAIAS as to the reason the 1M production run wasn’t extended into the 2012 model year. It was not due to any issues related to engine/emissions certification, but simply because BMW could not get enough MY2012 production to justify homologation. This had the added benefit of preserving the exclusivity and value of the 2011 1M models.

12/30/2011    7:28 PM

The crew at Top Gear has presented their 2011 Top Gear Awards, and host Richard Hammond has selected the BMW 1M coupe as his pick for the Car of the Year!

As he puts it, nothing else comes close to the BMW 1 Series M Coupe for steerable, chuckable, laugh-out-loud lunacy…

Check out Hammond’s full thoughts on the BMW 1M inside.

12/24/2011    1:30 PM

Ok, so Playboy isn’t the auto enthusiasts’ first publication of choice when it comes to automotive expertise, but which of us with Y chromosomes can’t help but pay extra attention when Playboy is mentioned together with BMW :)

The BMW 1M Coupe has made the 2012 Playboy Cars of Year List. Public voting is currently underway to determine the single best car of the year (according to the public), so click through and get your eye candy… I mean your votes in.

12/20/2011    1:46 PM

Owners of the E82 1 series who want the aggressive looks of the BMW 1M coupe now have a full aero kit package option.

Prior design has released its 1 Series PDM1 Widebody Kit, a full bodykit which gives a standard 1-series the look of the BMW 1M coupe.

The PDM1 package includes:

Prior-Design PDM1-WB front bumper (fits all bmw 1-Series E82 models except 1M)
Prior-Design PDM1-WB side skirts (2X) (fits all bmw 1-Series E82 models except 1M)
Prior-Design PDM1-WB rear bumper (fits all bmw 1-Series E82 models except 1M)
Prior-Design PDM1-WB front fenders (fits all bmw 1-Series E82 models except 1M)
Prior-Design PDM1-WB rear widenings (fits all bmw … CONTINUED