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08/16/2011    11:10 AM

A new BMW 2 series coupe render has been posted, courtesy of Autoexpress. Although this render may give us an idea as to the general shape, size, and proportions, the BMW 2-series coupe is expected to have a significantly different look (particularly the front end) than the F20 1-series hatchback upon which this render is clearly based.

There will be no next generation 1-series coupe and convertible, as they will take on the 2-series badge instead. The 2 series coupe is expected as early as sometime in 2013.

05/30/2011    4:30 PM

Here’s a render of the 2-series coupe, which is what the next generation 1-series coupe and convertible will purportedly be badged as, while the hatchback 1-series and all new FWD 1-series models will retain the 1-series designation. More info via link inside. BMW 2 series coupe.