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02/23/2012    10:00 PM

New commercial spot for the 2012 BMW 3 Series (328i) – Description: The all-new BMW 3 Series comes with Efficient Dynamics which means 0-60 in 5.9 seconds and 36 MPG. Which means this Ultimate Driving Machine has all of the performance you expect from a BMW along with the fuel economy you might not.

02/23/2012    10:25 AM

Now that the F30 3 series sedan has been released, testing continues on all the other F3x variants – the F32 coupe, F31 touring, and this F34 Gran Turismo (GT) model.

These photos provide the best look yet at the trunk, tailgate, and rear portions of the roofline. The 3 Series GT prototypes previously wore heavy camouflage paneling concealing the true shape and styling of the trunk. The loss of the rear deck camo has shortened and tightened the car’s size and proportions.

With its sleeker trunkline and frameless windows, the 3-series GT looks to be sleeker in shape than the 5-series GT and appears generally sportier in nature. The 3-series GT will offer a simple hatch function rather than the twin trunk arrangement on the 5er GT.


02/22/2012    3:50 PM

We bring you the first dyno results from a 2012 335i (F30) sedan, performed by Challenge Mfg. USA (GTM_Challenge) on their recently delivered 335i. The F30 335i is powered by the N55 6-cylinder TwinPower twinscroll turbo engine and its factory quoted power figures are 300hp / 300lb-ft.

The 335i N55 dyno run resulted in 270whp and 273lb-ft torque. Note that the dyno was performed on a AWD Dynojet with linked AWD rollers. On a normal rear-roller-only system the numbers would be slightly higher (probably 5-10hp) given the less roller weight that would need to be moved.

What does this translate to in terms of crank HP (for comparison to the factory quoted figures)? Taking 275whp and 278lb-ft as the starting point and assuming a 15% drivetrain loss, it … CONTINUED

02/22/2012    9:51 AM

Insideline puts the 2012 328i (F30) through a battery of performance tests on their own track to get some real life test results. Here are the results:

0-60mph: 5.9 sec
0-60mph (with 1 ft rollout): 5.5 sec
1/4 mile: 14.1 sec @ 98.9mph
60-0mph braking: 115ft
Skid Pad: 0.88g
Slalom: 67.1mph

Respectable results, but a bit slower than some other outlets have tested.

02/21/2012    10:24 PM

Evolution Racewerks didn’t take much time to tear into their F30 328i’s N20 engine, removing the engine cover and revealing some of the plumbing underneath. Check out the photos inside.

02/21/2012    12:57 PM

The next 3 series variant to make its debut will be the 3 series touring / wagon (F31). We’ve now spotted it with virtually no camouflage remaining. Combined with the recently revealed F31 rear design patent CGIs (images inside), we now basically know how the F31 will look when it makes its debut at the AMI auto show in Leipzig in early June (for a likely market debut in the Fall).

Unlike the F11 5 series touring, the new 3 series touring model will make a return to the North American market. In an interview we had at the 2012 NAIAS with Paul Ferraiolo, Manager, Product Planning & Strategy of BMWNA, he confirmed that the next generation F31 3 series touring will make it stateside again:

“It’s coming, … CONTINUED

02/20/2012    1:30 PM

For a long time, motorists regarded air conditioning merely as a guarantee of a cool workplace when behind the wheel. During the early 1980s, the optional extra was predominantly ordered as protection against the midsummer heat inside the car, true to the motto: the heat has to stay out, irrespective of how hot the sun is. The greater the “refrigerator feeling” experienced by occupants was, the more effective an air conditioning system was considered to be.

However, over the years, consumers have changed their attitude and the demands on interior climate comfort have increased significantly. Whether in extreme heat, heavy rainfall or severe cold, a cosy interior climate has become a must.

In the case of the new BMW 3 Series, air conditioning experts go even a step … CONTINUED

02/19/2012    1:00 PM

SoCal BMW dealers were recently invited to the F30 Ride and Drive Event – a primer and first hands on driving experience for the all new 2012 3 series sedan. They were given the opportunity to drive the 2012 F30 328i and 335i and evaluate it against the outgoing E90 3 series as well as the competition – Mercedes C class and Audi A4.

BMW brought out a fleet of over 80+ F30s for the event and gave an opportunity for those in attendance to test the F30 both on the road and track (auto-cross format).

Just out the extensive event photos from our site member inside.

02/18/2012    10:35 AM

BMW of North America has unveiled a new advertising campaign that will feature a few digital shorts and have created a contest called “Zero to Desir3 in 5.9 Seconds”. BMW is asking for contest participants to submit a 5.9second video showing how badly they desire the F30.

If your video is chosen as a winner, BMW will putting you in the driver’s seat of a brand new 2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan, a national television spot and a series of homepage takeovers, designed to support of the launch of the all-new BMW 3 Series Sedan.

BMW is accepting submissions through facebook (http://www.facebook.com/bmwusa) and YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/bmwusa) starting today, through March 9. Then 30 finalists will be chosen to be voted on by the public! A winner will be announced … CONTINUED