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01/14/2013    6:51 PM

The 2013 Detroit autoshow is definitly the most important US autoshow, and BMW gave the enthusiasts a few notable that would appeal to us, namely the new BMW 4 Series Concept, the M6 Gran Coupe, the Z4 LCI and a new 320i. We snapped a few pictures of the 4 Series Coupe and the M6, take a look…

You can of course always find out more information on either of these cars through our official threads

01/02/2013    6:00 AM

Hussein Al-Attar, the BMW designer in charge of the BMW 4 Series Coupe concept’s headlights and taillights chats with Motor Trend about what inspired and challenged him during the design process, which went from idea to reality in just a few months.

“There’s so much work that goes into [headlight/taillight design]. I think people don’t even recognize that there are designers only working on these details,” said Al-Attar, who participated in the 2004 Motor Trend/CIAS International Design Contest. “It’s a very complex object. It’s a very exciting process, what we’re doing.”

Continued inside…

12/31/2012    2:00 PM

The F32 4 Series Coupe M Sport was recently spied and while it remained under heavy camouflage, here are some renders which previews what the 4 Series M Sport may resemble.

For the renders (by site member kv12), the front bumper look is adopted from the F30 3 Series M Sport and although the 4 Series M Sport bumper may vary, the image shows us how aggressive the 4 Series front end will look with an aggressively styled M Sport front.

12/16/2012    2:16 PM

We’ve posted more live views from the BMW Design Night, held a couple of weeks ago to preview the BMW 4 Series Coupe Concept.

There were live demonstrations and workshops to demonstrate the BMW design process – from 3D modeling, to sketching, to clay modeling, and upholstery stitching.

Check out the video inside.

12/14/2012    1:47 PM

Yesterday, we brought you photos of the 4 Series Coupe M Sport in testing, and to that we now add photos of the 428i prototype in FEP stage of testing.

The 428i Coupe and Convertible will be powered by the same 2.0L twin turbo inline 4 (N20 engine) as the F30. The N20 engine has just been named one of the 10 best engines by the 2013 Ward’s 10 Best Engines List.

The F32 4 Series coupe production begins July 2013 for deliveries starting late summer – early Fall of 2013.

Catch all our BMW 4 Series coverage/updates @ http://www.bimmerpost.com/4-series/

12/13/2012    3:10 PM

Testing of the upcoming F32 4 Series coupe continues after the reveal of the 4 Series Coupe Concept and it has now advanced to FEP (Final Evaluation Phase) stage, as usually indicated by the sighting of a prototype in production colors.

After the great first look at the F32 production Sport Line model we posted last month, it almost seems we’re going backwards in terms of how revealing this test mule is. But, we also got very lucky with last months very revealing sighting.

But, we do get better looks at some parts of the production car with our new sighting. The front now bares portions of the M Sport bumper. The headlights here do not feature the newly styled angel eyes which extend to towards the … CONTINUED

12/07/2012    3:46 PM

Many are calling the just revealed F32 4 Series Coupe Concept a baby 6 Series coupe, an understandable comparison given the coupe’s new sleek low-slung and rear fastback shaped look. Some of you have requested a comparo, so here’s a look at how the two coupes compare visually and specs-wise.

As with the other comparison threads, keep in mind that we are comparing a concept against a production model, but nonetheless the general styling, shape, and dimensions of the 4 Series Coupe Concept will carry over to the production model. The more conceptually styled elements such as the bumpers, mirrors, fender vents, and wheels will look different on the production model.

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F32 Concept … CONTINUED

12/07/2012    11:10 AM

Another look at the F32 4 Series Coupe Concept debut at the BMW Design Night held two nights ago. Adrian Van Hooydonk, head of BMW design, talks a bit about the design of the F32 concept.

12/06/2012    5:55 PM

BMW held its Design Night premiering the new 4 Series Coupe Concept yesterday evening. The heads of BMW design and marketing were on hand to introduce the beautiful new concept.

The F32 4 Series coupe will begin deliveries starting late summer – early Fall of 2013 and it’s currently rumored to be projected for a “just over” 2,000 euro higher price tag than the F30 3 series.

Here are some photos and video, via krone.at and exklusivgolfen.