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05/31/2013    7:00 PM

We noticed an interesting phenomenon with the latest set of 4 Series spy photos – how negative the reaction was compared to the very positive reaction to an earlier set of spy photos featuring the same model (a 435i Sport Line). The only difference between these cars? The camouflage, the color, and the setting/lighting.

Goes to show that camouflage really can have a profound effect in how a car looks and is perceived by a viewer. As you can see in the comparison photos below, the remaining camouflage pieces strategically cover some of the most important styling lines and design elements on the car – connecting headlights, curves in front bumper, side character line, air breather vents, hoffmeister kink, rear tail lights and rear bumper character … CONTINUED

05/31/2013    1:50 PM

We previously spotted the production 4 Series Coupe (F32) bare it all during a commercial shoot, but this newest sighting gives us the best and closest look yet at the prototype F32 still in testing.

Previously reveal 4 Series Lines, Options and Packages [see dealer's demo order guide] show that the F32 will come in Luxury Line, Sport Line, and M Sport Lines.

Sport Line

The Glacier Silver 435i prototype is a Sport Line model with a sportier front bumper, black high-gloss elements (bumper accents, air intakes, kidney bars, B-pillar trims, and exhaust tips). It’s equipped with these optional upgrades: 19″ style 407 wheels with mixed performance tires, M Sport Brakes, and LED headlights with squared off corona rings.

Per the order guide referenced above, the Sport Line also … CONTINUED

05/30/2013    12:10 PM

Another F30POST member shares his impressions of the production F32 4 Series Coupe from a media preview event held in London, England. Per MEGA:

Hi All,

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a What? Car “Special BMW Event” yesterday (28th May 2013) in Teddington, West London at the Haymarket media group HQ.

I’d had several email exchanges with a lovely girl there named Emma about the nature of the event, and I guessed long before getting the “unofficial” nod (as Emma was sworn to secrecy) that it was going to be the new BMW 4 series that I was there to see.

For those that have not seen some of the leaked pics, for some context before my lengthy response: Maybe click here: http://www.f30post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=818697

Also see the … CONTINUED

05/28/2013    3:00 PM

The F32 BMW 4 Series Coupe (435i) is currently making its rounds in Denmark at BMW dealers. A BIMMERPOST member recently had some up close and personal time with the 435i coupe and shares his impressions with us:

First of all, the car was shown in Denmark at the presentation of the 3GT and only the two 3GTs was in the showroom. Everybody were asked to either give the dealer their cell phones (which I don’t think anybody did) or get a sticker on the camera lens. It was easy to remove and they never asked about my second phone! I guess it was more meant as a signal than anything else, as it would have been easy to take pictures of the car. I … CONTINUED

05/21/2013    12:22 PM

Yes, a comparison of the M235i against a 435i M Sport or potential M435i would be a more appropriate comparison, but there are no revealed photos of the 435i M Sport (and no photos of a potential M435i). This is just to provide our members with a comparison of the 2 Series vs 4 Series’ general shapes and looks.

The angles on the spy photos also don’t match up exactly, but we will post another visual comparison once we have official photos for both models.

04/24/2013    4:43 PM

If you couldn’t already tell from the torrent of spy photos featured on the BIMMERPOST homepage, manufacturer testing season has opened on the Nurburgring.

On the track today was this F32 4 Series (435i) with M Sport package revealing for the first time the aggressive shape of the M Sport front bumper. Compared to the F30 3 Series M Sport front fascia, the 4 Series M Sport bumper is more angular, with air vents that angle upwards and expands as it gets closer to the outside of the front bumper. The side shot also shows that it incorporates splitter fins which extend quite far out, adding to the aggressive look.

The lighter camouflage also reveals what looks to be Air Curtain vents in the M Sport … CONTINUED

04/23/2013    1:40 PM

Have a look at the latest F33 4 Series convertible prototype, revealing more of its defining characteristic – its metal folding roof. Earlier spyshots (reposted below) show the hard top operation and the design is largely similar to the current E93 convertible.

The F33 will share the same engine and transmission options as the F32 coupe, as well as the coupe’s general styling. So, imagine the coupe that you’ve seen revealed, but with this metal folding top.

Production of the 4 Series convertible (both 435i and 428i) begins later this year – in November 2013.

Follow BMW spy photos/videos @ http://www.bimmerpost.com/spyshots/

04/17/2013    5:06 PM

It’s been a busy test week for BMW at the Nurburgring, which includes some more testing on the F32 435i M Sport. Not much is revealed in these photos, but they provide more looks at how the 4 Series (F32) looks in motion.

This is a 435i M Sport in Estoril Blue II. The M Sport bumpers remain under camouflage. The headlights feature the optional full LED headlights with squared-off corona rings.

The M Sport brakes are fitted, but the M Sport wheels are not. See the wheels 4 Series lineup (from the 4 Series order guide) posted below for what the M Sport wheels will look like (as well as on the blue 4 Series spotted at the airport reposted below).

For our 4 Series coverage, see … CONTINUED

04/11/2013    5:38 PM

Will we be seeing the F32 4 Series coupe make its public debut at the 2013 Shanghai auto show in just over a week?

These photos are purported to be production stage 4 Series coupes at the airport waiting to be loaded for a plane to Shanghai. They may look like they are wearing the usual pre-production prototype camouflage, but per insider Scott26, the camouflage is just protective vinyl for the trip.

Although the production 4 Series coupe has recently been spotted completely revealed [pics below], we have not yet seen the M Sport version (which is represented by the Estoril Blue 4 Series seen below).

The 2013 Shanghai auto show begins on April 20th. Keep your fingers crossed :)

For the latest in 4 Series news and … CONTINUED