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02/11/2014    8:00 AM

A story of an F10 5 Series owner and his seven 5 Series journey to the F10.

01/25/2014    12:00 PM

G30 the BMW
Yes, we are already entering the G chassis realm, having very swiftly passed through the F series cars. The current BMW 5-Series is the F10 and the upcoming next generation 5-Series will be the G30.

According to Car Magazine’s sources, BMWs next generation platform is called 35up. What it basicly means is that everything from the 3-series/5-series and up will be based on this shared super platform. Utilizing the increasing mix of elements including steel, aluminum and certainly CFRP, weight is expected to drop substantially for the next generation.

Well, previously Autocar and now Car Magazine are all reporting that the new 3-cylinder BMW engine will power the new 5. And that should be no shock or surprise, as the new modular platform of … CONTINUED

12/02/2013    9:00 AM

AC Schnitzer’s take on the F11 Touring LCI facelift.

10/14/2013    1:10 PM

This week on Ignition, Carlos Lago tests the BMW M5… again! This time around it has something called the Competition Package, which adds a host of small adjustments and improvements in an effort to improve the car’s performance and the satisfaction it gives to its driver. Is more power and a recalibration of the suspension and steering enough to make this incredible sedan behave? We find out on the test track at Hyundai’s Proving Grounds.

09/14/2013    12:30 PM

Along with the 4 Series and X5, which had their media launch this past week in Seattle and Vancouver, BMW also brought out the 2014 5 535d (with LCI refresh) and the 2014 M5 with competition package for us to check out. Here are some on-location photos of the 535d M Sport and M5 Competition (this M5 does not wear the Competition Package wheels which come with the package).

The 535d is new for the US market for the 2014 model year. A 3.0-liter twinpower turbo diesel outputs 255 horsepower and a peak torque of 413 lb-ft, while getting 38 MPG.

The 2014 M5 does not see a power bump, but more power is available through the Competition Package, which adds 15 horsepower, along with a host … CONTINUED

09/05/2013    12:00 PM

BIMMERPOST F10 5 Series owners (self dubbed the “F10crew” gathered this past weekend for a meet and greet. The meet saw a great turnout, as you can see in this photo documentary.

07/28/2013    8:00 AM

Launchfilm for the LCI updated 2014 BMW 5 Series facelift model.

06/27/2013    1:45 PM

The 2014 5 Series (LCI refresh) receives both cosmetic and mechanical updates [full details] and many of you have wondered what effects the updates to the suspension and steering will have.

Edmunds shares their first drive review of the 2014 5 Series and gives their take on this:

The 5′s chassis has also seen a light rethink in the form of retuned dampers for improved comfort, quietness and reduced roll, besides some fresh mapping of the electric power steering to sharpen its precision.

These dynamic upgrades are subtly apparent on the admittedly shelf-smooth Bavarian roads we sampled it on. The ride is smoother, the cabin is a little quieter and body sway, never a big issue in a 5 Series, is tightly controlled. The natural balance that comes … CONTINUED