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12/30/2011    5:31 PM

Vorsteiner has released its full tuning kit and program for the F10 5-series, which they’ve dubbed the VMS-F10.

The kit details are as follows:

VMS Front Spoiler

The newly designed VMS front spoiler has been specifically designed to fit F10 5 series vehicles with the optional M Tech package. The front spoiler not only creates a purposeful and functional balance to the front end but is also unmistakably beautiful and precise.

VMS Rear Spoiler

The VMS rear add on carbon deck lid spoiler balances the additional down force created from the new front end and also elegantly extends the tail of the factory boot lid to distinguish the vehicle from other standard production cars. The VMS rear deck lid spoiler is compatible with … CONTINUED

08/19/2011    2:10 PM

The current generation Lexus GS 350 has been long in the tooth for quite a while now, but Lexus has just debuted the all new 2013 GS350, a car that’s aimed squarely at the likes of the BMW 5-series, Mercedes E-Class, and Audi A6. What does the new GS 350 bring to the table this time around?

It features an all new chassis with more spacious interior, and is powered by a 3.5L V6 306hp/277lb-ft torque motor. Transmission is RWD and takes the form of a six speed sequential shift auto or optional AWD. The styling has been given a pretty radical overhaul and adopts Lexus’ current styling language recently seen on the CT 200h compact hybrid and LF-A.

The GS 350 and F10 are fairly close in … CONTINUED

08/18/2011    11:50 AM

BMW is reportedly considering bringing the F11 5-series touring / wagon to the U.S. for the first time after disappointing sales from the 5-series GT. While no final decision has yet been made, we are excited by the prospect of seeing the F11 on U.S. shores. In our opinion, it’s one of BMW’s most attractive wagons ever built.

07/12/2011    12:57 PM

5POST member IE92 decks out his F10 528i with 3D Design parts, OEM parts, and other custom modifications. Coupled with the photography skills of jzhang, the result is a beautiful photoshoot.

07/01/2011    11:12 AM

BMW 5 Series range: even more efficient thanks to BMW TwinPower Turbo. The BMW 5 Series range builds on its leading position in the areas of design, sporting capability, comfort and efficiency with an extended range of engines. The BMW 520d EfficientDynamics Edition, for example, represents the epitome of efficiency in a premium executive class car. The Sedan is powered by a 135 kW/184 hp four-cylinder diesel engine, yet its average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is just 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres (62.8 mpg imp).

Beginning in Autumn 2011, the 5-series will also feature Auto Start-Stop function and Driving Experience Control including ECO PRO mode.

New four-cylinder engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology add further talent to the line-up of petrol and diesel powerplants.


05/12/2011    1:10 PM

The BMWUSA website is showing that the $1900 navigation option will be included free on F10 5-series orders for the month of May! This is basically a $2k discount on all 5-series, so anyone considering ordering in the next few months should consider moving up your order dates to take advantage of this offer.

01/12/2011    11:00 AM

While others are speculating what to expect from the new BMW M5 coming later this year, the German Autozeitung didn’t waste its time guessing about the future but rather attended to the hottest F10 5er to date, the Alpina B5 Biturbo. Ingredients? To name just a few, 4.4L V8 Biturbo rated at 507hp and 700NM, 8-speed automatic, and limited slip differential (optional).

The outcome? As Autozeitung puts it, the Alpina B5 is the “best and most powerful F10 5er to date.” They praise the “felicitous combination of powerful, yet refined, engine, top notch quality and good comfort.”

As usual with Alpina models, exterior changes over any regular F10 5-series model are limited. An exclusive Alpina blue paint (€ 2.870) and 20 inch Alpina Classic wheels are … CONTINUED

12/09/2010    8:00 AM

GT Haus showcased its F10 535i recently at the 2010 SEMA show but there have not many photos of this eye catching F10 until now. Inside are photos and an exhaust video from locations within Las Vegas, a perfect city for a car that is both bright and loud.

12/03/2010    5:45 PM

Jzhang brings some highly stylized photos from the first 5POST meet to us. We previously posted these photos, but not in this stunning of a look.