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02/14/2012    8:30 AM

Here’s a new set of BMW ads promoting BMW ConnectedDrive, a library of innovations and apps that allow drivers to stay in touch with their world, while keeping their eyes on the road. As BMW describes, it’s a really smart copilot that you’ll want by your side.

Seen here are ads giving an overview of BMW ConnectedDrive, parking assist, night vision, and Connected App.

For more info on ConnectedDrive, check out BMW’s microsite: http://www.bmwusa.com/connecteddrive

06/01/2011    3:20 PM

The full range of driver assistance systems and mobility services is now presented online in the BMW ConnectedDrive Online Guide. The bmw.connecteddrive.info portal provides an overview of the services currently available, along with thumbnail descriptions and downloads. It also gives information on their availability for various BMW models and when the services were first introduced, as well as the countries covered and the optional equipment required for using the various services.

With the BMW ConnectedDrive Online Guide , BMW presents a complete overview documenting its global technology leadership in the field of driver assistance systems and mobility services, as reflected both in the diversity of the range and in the quality of the various systems. The systematic development of networking technologies ranges from the first distance warning … CONTINUED

04/25/2011    8:00 PM

Autoblog’s Damon Lavrinc recently had a chance to play with BMW’s newest ConnectedDrive tech – BMW Apps (option code 6NR). This video shows off some of BMW Apps coolest features, such as Pandora integration and Web Radio.