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10/17/2010    11:30 AM

The F11 5-series Touring is currently the BMW we most wish was available in the US, but it’s not. Featured here is a beautiful F11 M-sport showing off its latest night vision technology, rear view camera, parking assistant, and badass self.

04/10/2010    9:22 AM

Here is the new BMW F11 Touring as it debuted @ the AMI Leipzig. On display was the 535i in Imperial Blue, 530d in Tasman Green with optional accessories and the 520d.

02/24/2010    3:19 PM

Here are the first photos of an F10 5-series sedan right alongside the F11 5-series touring. As one can see, besides the difference in roofline and the rear design, the F11 touring retains the F10s beautiful lines and design features.

Attachment 352546

Attachment 352547

Attachment 352548

Attachment 352549

Attachment 352550

Attachment 352551