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02/11/2012    12:15 PM

The retail launch for the 2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan (F30) is today, February 11. But Hong Kong held its launch event for the F30 on 7th Feb 2012. The venue was Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, the most famous convention center in Hong Kong. All generations of 3 series were on display to welcome the guests. One of the common themes seen at all the F30 launch events is a special projection illumination display on the F30.

The entrance was decorated by the big famous “Angel Eye” of BMW. Of course the venue also packed with people. Check out some event photos inside.

02/10/2012    3:30 PM

As you may already have seen, a member recently took delivery of his 2012 328i (F30) sedan and wasted no time in getting it strapped to the dyno. The 2012 328i sedan is powered by the twinpower twin-scroll turbo 4-cylinder inline “N20″ engine, factory rated at 240hp / 255lb-ft torque.

This F30 328i was tested on EAS (European Auto Source)’s Dynojet 224xLC and put down an impressive 226hp / 230lb-ft torque (at the wheels), with just 91 octane gasoline.

What does this equal to at the crank (for comparison to BMW’s factory quoted power figures for the 2012 328i)? Assuming a 15-17% drivetrain loss, this dyno result translates to approximately 265-272hp / 270-277lb-ft torque at the crank, or +25-32hp and +15-22lb-ft torque more than the factory figures!


02/10/2012    1:00 PM

Another of our members has taken delivery of his F30 3 series – this time another Mineral Grey 328i. He’s wasted no time in putting the car on the dyno, achieving 226hp / 230tq. Check out the photos and dyno graph inside.

02/09/2012    5:53 PM

The F30 3 series accessories brochure (US edition) has been released. Available for the 3 Series F30 as accessories wheels are five different designs – Style 361 (in two designs/colors), Style 404, Style 413 (winter wheels) and Style 396 (winter wheels).

Also in the catalog are mudflaps, indoor/outdoor car cover, interior accessories, and many styles of floor mats (carpeted and all-weather).

View and download the full PDF inside.

02/08/2012    11:00 AM

During our US press launch drive of the 2012 3 Series (F30) we took the opportunity to meet with an E90POST member (SharkH8R) who is local to the Monterey area and owner of an E90 325i (on lowered suspension). We had the chance to photograph the F30 and E90 in various angles for a great comparison of the styling and visual differences.

Here is how F30′s physical dimension compares to a factory E90:

0.31 inches (8 mm) taller
3.66 inches (93 mm) longer body
1.96 inches (50 mm) longer wheelbase
1.45 inches (37 mm) wider track [front]
1.85 inches (47 mm) wider track [rear]

02/07/2012    5:30 PM

Congratulations to our first F30 owner! F30POST member Victor has just announced and posted photos of his brand spanking new F30 328i Sport Line in mineral grey (which he’s actually had since February 1).

Plenty of F30 models are now hitting dealers across the country (and worldwide), so be sure to drop in on your local dealer to see the F30 in person. And follow F30POST for plenty of delivery announcements as the official market launch comes this weekend!

02/06/2012    4:42 PM

Here is perhaps the best official F30 3 series video we’ve seen yet from BMW. The various model lines (Imperial Blue Metallic Luxury Line, Melbourne Red Sport Line, and Mineral Grey Modern Line) look great in motion. Be sure to check out the video directly below.

02/03/2012    12:33 PM


Where: Monterey, California – January 30-31, 2012

What: F30 US Press Launch. First Test Drives of 2012 335i and F30 6 speed

How: 2 days with F30 3 Series, including a half day on the Laguna Seca track.

Background: I’ve owned an E90 325i (auto) and current car is E90 M3 (6-speed MT).


335i (With 6 Speed Manual):

The all new 2012 335i sedan is powered by the N55 single turbo twin-scroll turbo inline-6 cylinder engine (with direct injection and valvetronic), in the same form as the outgoing 2011 335i E90 sedan and current 335i E92 coupe. The U.S. 335i is quoted as producing 300hp / 300 lb-ft torque and achieves 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds for both auto and manual. Maximum horsepowers is achieved at 5800 RPM and max … CONTINUED

02/03/2012    11:10 AM

We’ve posted the videos showing the external sounds of the F30 328i vs. 335i, now have a look at some internal driving footage showing the action and sounds of the 328i and 335i during acceleration and downshifts.

The 328i model shown is a Sportline model with 8 speed automatic and Sport Auto option with paddle shifters, driven in Sport+ mode. The 335i model is a Sportline model with 6 speed manual, driven in Sport+ mode.

The factory quoted 0-60 mph times for the 2012 328i are 5.9 seconds (auto) and 5.7 seconds (manual)
The factory quoted 0-60 mph time for the 2012 335i is 5.4 seconds (auto and manual)