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07/03/2012    12:30 PM

Anyone wanting a RWD X1 should look into buying a current generation X1, if a new report coming out of Autocar is true.

It’s being reported that the current model’s RWD / AWD platform (adopted from the E9X 3 series) will be replaced by the FWD / AWD UKL platform when the next gen BMW X1 hits the market around 2015. “UKL” is German for ‘Unter Klasse’ or ‘entry level.’

The FWD UKL platform is the same one upon which the initial FWD BMW models and the next MINI will be built on. The initial lineup of FWD BMW cars will include Gran Turismo, City Compact, and Family Activity Sports Tourer variants. See a summary of the next generation RWD / FWD 1 Series and 2 Series models.


10/04/2010    10:30 AM

BMW has previously confirmed that it will be producing front wheel drive models which will be available prior to 2013. Automotive News now reports that the FWD BMWs models will also be sold in the USA. There will be several variants introduced in the next several years, and BMW expects sales of 100,000 units worldwide annually.

For an insider’s preview of BMW’s FWD philosophy and insight, see Scott26′s previous post here.

09/07/2010    12:40 PM

Confused or distraught about BMW’s future FWD model plans? Scott26 provides some clarity on BMW’s plans and philosophies behind the future FWD model development and plans. Read inside.