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07/09/2013    7:00 PM

The production BMW i3 will be revealed soon – on Monday, July 29. And BMW has now released the first production model details and specs.

Near 50:50 weight distribution
DIN curb weight of 1,195 kilograms, (2,630 lbs)
Small turning circle (32.3 ft or 9.86 meters)

Electric motor outputs 170hp (125 kW) and peak torque of 184 lb-ft (250 Nm), which is on tap immediately.
The motor weighs just 110 lbs. (50 kg)
Maintains a linear flow of power into the higher reaches of the rev range.

0 to 35 mph (0 – … CONTINUED

07/04/2013    6:30 PM

Here is the production i3 in its most revealing look yet – more than 90% revealed. The i3 will be officially unveiled on July 29, 2013.

07/02/2013    2:05 PM

The BMW i8 Roadster won the North American Concept Car of the year Award in 2012 and it has been crowned again this year, now as the Best Production Preview Vehicle. The Production Preview category recognizes those vehicles based on a model that has already been announced or planned for production.

The awards are given to the best Production Preview Vehicle, Concept Car, Concept Truck/SUV, Specialty Concept, and Most Significant Concept Vehicle of each auto show season. To be eligible for the awards, a concept vehicle must make its North American debut during the current model year’s auto show season.

More than two dozen Professional Automotive Journalists from throughout North America serve as volunteer jurors for all categories of the awards. By extending the review to the … CONTINUED

07/01/2013    5:10 PM

BMW teases the unveil of the i3 electric car, coming on July 29.

06/28/2013    6:05 PM

The patent designs of the upcoming production BMW i3 electric car has been revealed.

06/28/2013    10:30 AM

The production BMW i3 will finally make its debut this Summer and as BMW’s first electric car available for purchase, there’s plenty of anticipation for it as 100,000 people are reported to have reservations to test drive the i3.

The following video demos some of the connectivity / infotainment features of the i3 concept, previewing some (if not all) of the features to expect in the production i3. Also re-posted below are videos explaining the philosophies and technologies behind the BMW i3 (and i8) and BMW’s carbon fiber production.

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06/12/2013    12:40 PM

Chief of BMW Sales, Ian Robertson, has shared that the company has approximately 100,000 reservations worldwide for test drives of the soon to be debuted BMW i3 electric car. However, some of those interested apparently don’t even need test drives to be convinced as there are also already a “significant numbers of deposits” for the i3.

With this amount of interest already, Robertson goes on to say that “We are confident that with the i3 and i8 we will shift the [customer demand] needle because we will shape some of this technology” in the EV sector. Robertson said the i3 differs from many of the EVs on the road today because it was developed as an EV from the start, rather than being conventional car with … CONTINUED

06/10/2013    11:55 AM

BMW i will soon launch its very first production model when it introduces the production BMW i3 within the next few months.

This set of videos explain much about the philosophies and technologies behind the BMW i3 (and i8), as well as BMW’s commitment and investment in mass producing carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), which will eventually be used extensively in regular BMW models, such as the next gen 2016 7 Series (G11).

05/15/2013    4:30 PM

Here are some previews of the upcoming production BMW i8 hybrid electric sports car, in multiple colors, courtesy of BIMMERPOST member kv12.

These should be very accurate since they are based on our most recent i8 spy photos.