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03/10/2014    9:30 PM

With the completion of the development work and final preparations for production at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig, the launch of the BMW i8 approaches its peak. Delivery of the first customer cars will start in June 2014, beginning with the main European markets.

Beforehand, special public events will be held in various regions all over the world to meet the enormous interest in the BMW i8. For this purpose BMW i agents will be equipped with separate demonstration vehicles. The start of series production of customer vehicles will commence in April. Customers have already been able to place pre-orders for the BMW i8 in all major markets since autumn 2013.

However, demand for the BMW i8 is already exceeding the planned production volume during … CONTINUED

09/03/2013    4:00 PM

Have a look at the very first production BMW i8 images. The i8 will make its world debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2013 next week.

09/02/2013    10:56 AM

The all-new BMW i8. Unveiling September 10th.

The BMW i brand is synonymous with visionary mobility concepts and a new definition of premium quality that is strongly focused on sustainability. Following the world debut of the first production model, the BMW i3, the BMW Group’s next step will be to extend this revolutionary answer to the future challenges facing personal mobility to the sports car segment: The all-new BMW i8.

05/15/2013    4:30 PM

Here are some previews of the upcoming production BMW i8 hybrid electric sports car, in multiple colors, courtesy of BIMMERPOST member kv12.

These should be very accurate since they are based on our most recent i8 spy photos.

05/13/2013    4:10 PM

BMW i8 testing continues and this prototype is the most revealing we’ve seen yet.

The thick rear camouflage has been dropped to reveal the production model’s rear shape and design. It mostly retains the look of the i8 concept model. We also get a look at the turn signals, reverse light position and the LED bars of the tail lights. The front now reveals a large portion of the headlights.

For the first time we get a look at the i8′s production wheels, a 5 (or 10 depending how you look at it) spoke wheel with a futuristic and asymmetrical spoke design.

The i8 is expected to boast 354hp / 500Nm torque, 0-62 mph in approximately 4.6 seconds, top speed of 155mph, 78 MPG (european test cycle), up … CONTINUED

04/27/2013    6:04 PM

German based Solarwatt and BMW have partnered to provide a solar-panel system to be placed on home/garage roofs as part of a broader support system for the upcoming BMW i3 and i8 vehicles. The systems will be branded as 360° ELECTRIC which aim to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, bringing efficient solar powered charging to your car.

Potential customers will be able to purchase the Solarwatt system at the same time as they purchase their BMWi or at a later time. The goal here is of course to create a truly sustainable backbone for owning a BMWi.

11/28/2012    3:10 PM

The 2012 Concept Vehicle of the Year Award winner, the electric hybrid BMW i8 Spyder Concept [Official Info Thread], is making its North American debut at the 2012 LA Auto Show now underway.

We were able to get up close and personal with the i8 Spyder and have posted our photos inside.


High performance 3-cylinder petrol engine (164 kW) in rear with i3′s electric motor (limited to 96 kW) in front
Total torque of 550 Nm (300Nm petrol engine + 250 Nm electric motor)
3 driving modes – electric, petrol, or both engines at once
1,630 kg
0-100kph (62mph): 5.0 seconds
80-120 … CONTINUED

07/26/2012    6:00 AM

With the BMW i3 electric city car and i8 electric hybrid sports car, BMW is ready to test online sales for the first time, according to Bloomberg.

As an inexpensive way to reach more buyers and recoup the cars’ development costs, BMW will sell the i3 and i8 directly over the internet for the first time. The i3 and i8 will also be sold in showrooms, but their initial retail rollout (including the first i-showroom in London) will be among a limited showroom network.

The online sales option is aimed at a generation of drivers used to making daily purchases over the Internet. Retail outlets will be restricted to dealers with high BMW-brand sales volume who have floor space as well as capacity to work with I models’ … CONTINUED