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03/16/2013    12:45 PM

A statement of heritage – IND works on a BMW Individual F10 M5 in Imola Red, a classic BMW M exclusive color.

12/10/2012    9:00 AM

Follow this build of a BMW Individual Imola Red F10 M5 as it gets built up by IND in Chicago.

It currently features IND painted side grills, painted front grills, painted reflectors, and Eisenmann 102mm Race Exhaust with cross pipe.

06/28/2011    3:00 PM

We bring you a new set of beautiful Individual cars, again from the factory-owned Munich dealer and again from Dackelone. First is a F10 550i Sedan in Sepang Bronze. This color was introduced with and available for the E60/1 M5 and E63/4 M6 models. While BMW decided to not offer it as standard color for the F10 M5, these photos show it still works great on the new 5-series.

Next is an F11 520d Touring in Imola Red. This might be a relief for people moaning about BMW not offering any red color for the F10 M5. If you’re willing to pay the price (€ 4,400 in Germany) it should be available for the M5 as well and — as you see — look great.

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