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06/14/2012    2:40 PM

Designtalk: Light – Magic – Technology with Adrian van Hooydonk and Paul Cocksedge. Highlight Summary.

“Today, our customers expect the cars to work very well but they buy our products for something else, something that is more emotional. With the lamps, we have reached that level where it began to be more than just a functional piece.”

“We try to use the technology in a way that it strengthens the character of the car and becomes a design project in and of itself so that it’s something that you see from afar. And also when you go up closer to the car, there is a lot of stuff that you can discover.”

“We start using light to also create an ambience in the car. It does create an atmosphere … CONTINUED

05/30/2011    12:16 PM

Here are some amazing new lighting innovations BMW is working on. First, the Dynamic Light Spot which is an enhancement of the already available Night Vision system. As of today, Night Vision can recognize pedestrians and animals on the road, and warn the driver if necessary. With Dynamic Light Spot, BMW plans to take a further step by working on a headlight that “can focus on that area and show directly where a pedestrian, who is possibly endangered, is.”

Another innovation is the glare-free high beam assistant which controls the car’s high beam dependant on the position of other vehicles. If a car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle is recognized the light beam is masked in the area of this vehicle by a mechanism. As a result, the … CONTINUED