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10/15/2013    2:00 PM

Deliveries of the Canadian limited edition “335i M Performance Edition” has begun arriving in Canada. Check out our first owner’s delivery.

10/15/2013    10:45 AM

Here’s the first sound clip for the 4 Series M Performance Parts exhaust system.

09/19/2013    1:15 PM

The M Performance Parts available for the F32 4 Series include:

The BMW M Performance Power Kit ( PPK ):
BMW 420d (+12Kw, +40Nm) / (+16hp, +30 lb-ft)
BMW 430d (+20kW, +40Nm) / (+27hp, +30 lb-ft)
BMW 435i (+25kW, +50Nm) / (+34hp, +37 lb-ft)

• M Performance Exhaust system (available 428i and 435i) with chrome tailpipes or carbon fiber tips (for 435i)
• M Performance Limited-slip differential
• M Performance Suspension
• M Performance brakes (red, yellow or orange calipers)
• M Performance light alloy wheels
• 18-inch winter complete wheel sets in double-spoke design
• Black kidney grilles
• Rear diffuser
• Side sill foils with M Performance inscription,
• M Performance side stripes
• Carbon fiber front splitters
• Carbon fiber mirror caps
• Carbon fiber rear spoiler
• M Performance sports steering wheel with red central marking or Race • … CONTINUED

08/28/2013    2:20 PM

The F32 4 Series with M Performance Parts has been spotted again, but this time featuring a never before seen part – exhaust system and tips from the M4 Concept.

08/13/2013    6:29 PM

Developed from motor racing expertise, perfectly tailored to the model in question and designed to be combined according to individual preference – this is the BMW M Performance Parts program. BMW is now expanding the range in this product area with the addition of retrofit options for the BMW 4 Series. What is more, model-specific BMW M Performance Parts are available for the BMW M automobiles as well as for the models of the BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series and BMW 6 Series. Conceived in close collaboration with BMW M GmbH, the retrofit components in the areas of drive, suspension, aerodynamics and cockpit provide a significant bonus in terms of driving dynamics as well as adding a touch of sporty flair … CONTINUED

07/26/2013    2:00 PM

You’ve seen them separately, now see them visually compared – the 4 Series versus 3 Series M Sport and M Performance Parts equipped models.

The 4 Series M Sport model can be ordered now and the 4 series M Performance Parts will be released in October-November.

07/19/2013    3:30 PM

We have added even more photos of the F32 4 Series M Performance Parts, including a look at the limited slip differential (LSD).

The M Performance Power Kit (PPK) for the 435i will yield +32hp / 37lb-ft.

07/18/2013    8:13 PM

Here is our fully gallery of the just revealed BMW M Performance Parts for the F32 4 Series Coupe! This model also features the M Performance LSD (limited slip differential).