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03/09/2014    10:00 AM

The reviewer loved it.


"Initially" is the key word, because the more I drove the M235i, the more it reminded me of that orange 1M, and the more the jealousy started to disappear. Consider the performance data. The 1M was a party-sized M3, putting down the same numbers as its V-8 big brother. But despite the M235is perceived shortcomings, its right on the pace of those two. At 4.4 seconds to 60 mph and 13.0 seconds to the quarter mile (fastest run performed without launch control), the M235i is just 0.2 second behind the 1M. Braking performance is improved too, with a best stop of … CONTINUED

03/04/2014    11:00 AM

Here are photos of the Alpine White M235i 2 Series on display at the 2014 Geneva auto show.

No M Performance Parts 2 Series here, but there is a 4 Series with M Performance Parts.

03/03/2014    8:00 AM

First 2 series crash / accident that we’ve seen :(

02/25/2014    11:30 AM

We have added the full technical data and specs for the U.S. 2 series coupe models – 228i and M235i.

02/24/2014    10:15 AM

Have a read at our first BMW M235i owner’s review.

02/20/2014    8:30 AM

Some track footage of the M235i Coupe.

02/19/2014    12:15 PM

The U.S. pricing for european delivery of the BMW M235i and 228i coupes have been announced at $40,135 and $29,905, respectively.

02/18/2014    2:00 PM

A detailed review by a BIMMERPOST member of his M235i test drive.

First impression:
When you first see the car it depends on which angle you see it from from the front 3/4 is nice. If you look at it from a dead profile it looks a little strange. As if somebody chopped off the back and the front. When I get a chance to post the pictures I think you’ll see what I mean. But from an angle, the car looks quite nice. It’s definitely a descendant of the 1 series. It’s a little bit more modern and it has more of a slope to its roof-line.

In person the wheels don’t look half bad. Yes 19in wheels would definitely look better but these … CONTINUED

02/17/2014    3:30 PM

BMW US has announced the initial lease deals for the BMW M235i and 228i. The M235i can be had for $479 per month and the 228i for $359 per month, both on a 36 month lease.

Both deals require a $3000 down payment and a total of $4204 cash due at signing.