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01/27/2014    1:20 PM

Carsten Pries, the Director of Product at BMW M, recently had these comments to share at the Detroit Auto Show:

Electromechanical Power Steering Better Than Hydraulic?

This is the most exciting news to come from our interview. Surprised? You should be. And you probably should be skeptical until driving reviews come in but what we learned gets us excited. This is NOT the EPS that you have driven in other BMWs in the slightest. This is M’s version of EPS. New hardware, new software, new everything.


I think probably one of the misunderstandings is…if you have to adapt something that is there and try what you can get out of it. Then you may be limited in your possibilities but if you consider something right from the … CONTINUED

01/26/2014    6:45 PM

We’ve shown you plenty of Austin Yellow M4 photos from under the bright showlights at auto shows, but now have a good look at Austin Yellow under the natural lighting of the outdoors.

01/24/2014    5:30 PM

Latest video released from BMW M.

Nice onboard engine sound. The info on the m-Power.com website explains that DSC was switched off and that this was an inside look into the development process two years ago.

01/24/2014    2:15 PM

Different colored 2015 M3 sedans and M4 coupes continue showing up at various auto shows across the U.S..

Here we see a Mineral Grey F82 M4 coupe and Austin Yellow F80 M3 sedan at the Houston Auto Show.

01/24/2014    9:24 AM


This is the closest look you’ll get at the all-new BMW M3 and M4. They’re both very quick, very good looking and loaded with tech. We also got the opportunity to start them up and rev the new engine…

01/23/2014    11:40 AM

The 2015 BMW M3 (F80) and M4 (F82) are hitting various auto shows across the country and we’ve now seen a Silverstone II M3 Sedan and Yas Marina Blue M4 Coupe at the DC Auto Show.

Check out some photos inside.

01/22/2014    7:00 PM

BMW M4 Coupe and M3 Sedan racetrack video feature from BMW M.

01/22/2014    12:00 PM

For the third consecutive year, the BMW Performance 200, the opening round of the 2014 Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, will begin the North American racing season as drivers from all over the world assemble at the Daytona International Speedway for the 52nd Annual Rolex 24 at Daytona weekend.

Anthony Royer, President of Allstate Roadside Services, will serve as the Grand Marshal of the race and give the “Start Your Engines” command to the field of 64 cars that include 16 BMW race cars.

“Allstate Roadside Services is extremely proud of the roadside assistance program we provide for BMW,” said Royer. “We value the relationship and are true believers in The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

During the weekend, BMW of North America will feature race cars that have … CONTINUED

01/21/2014    5:00 PM

You’ve seen our still M3 /M4 photos (reposted below), now have some live looks at the M3 and two M4 coupes from the Detroit Auto Show.

And in case you missed it from the show: We Talk M3 / M4 Nurburgring Time, Electric Steering & Other Tech Highlights w/ BMW M