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07/08/2012    4:01 PM

DRIVE CLEAN takes a tour of BMW’s North American Headquarters in Woodcliff Lake New Jersey to discuss their “Frozen” matte paint and to identity how it differs from traditional clear-coat finishes.

Matthew Russell, president of the M-car and Alpina division’s for north America, gives a tour of the facility and discusses how BMW came to create their new “Frozen” paint scheme (shown on BMW’s M3 with Frozen Monte Carlo Blue). BMW’s head of body-and-paint technical training manager, Walter Malec, also discusses matte-paint technology and repairs. And as expected, we’ll also review how to best clean and care for matte finishes.

04/17/2012    9:41 AM

Matt Russell, BMW M Brand Manager, and a BMW Body & Paint Specialist explains the paint guidelines behind BMW’s “frozen” matte paint finishes. The care required is actually much less than most expect.

Only regular shampoo and insect remover (BMW recommends theirs of course) is needed. No other chemicals (sealants, waxes, polishes, etc.) are needed.

* They warn that you can even damage the frozen matte paint by using a microfiber cloth, wax, sealant, or quick detailer.