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03/21/2013    12:05 PM

BMW insider Scott26 shares some details on the current product plans and studies being undertaken at BMW for potential new X models – namely potential X2, X4 M, X7, X8 and a new Sport Activity Sedan niche.

X marks the Sport.

The following relates to ideas under discussion and evaluation. Whereas some concepts show promise to production reality. Some show discussions and conception in regards to market and growth projections.

It is not a question of just product planning but a reaction to growth in the segment. The SUV segment whether in city , compact , entry , mid , large or luxury continue to grow and grow.

BMWs current line of X1 , X3 , X5 and X6 are no doubt huge sellers and contributors to BMWs successful … CONTINUED

02/05/2013    1:02 PM

And in the latest monthly episode of BMW halo / super car rumors, comes a rumor (from CAR) that plans for a 600HP M8 supercar may be firming up.

If the report is to be believed, the car is now referred to as the M8 internally at BMW and may see a launch in 2016 – to commemorate BMW’s 100th anniversary.

The report goes on to claim that M division head Friedrich Nitschke has proposed that the M8 share the exotic carbon fiber/aluminum construction of the upcoming i8 hybrid sports car (which has a combined power output of 349bhp and 405lb ft of torque from its electric motor and 3 cylinder petrol engine, good for an estimated 4.6 sec 0-62mph).

For the M8, however, the 3 cylinder petrol … CONTINUED

11/20/2012    2:30 PM

The ever persistent rumors of a BMW supercar surfaces again. This time, Automobile claims that a 600+ hp BMW M8 supercar is headed for a 2016 debut (to celebrate BMW’s 100th anniversary).

Although BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer is said to be ambivalent on the idea of a supercar, BMW M President Dr. Friedrich Nitschke remains dogged on the project while getting creative by considering the production of the M8 on the same carbon fiber / aluminum platform as the i8 hybrid electric sports car. This would not only create production economies of scale (less expensive production costs) while also giving the M8 a significant weight advantage over its rivals.

If such a supercar was indeed built, giving it an M8 nameplate shouldn’t pose an issue or conflict. … CONTINUED

06/19/2012    12:15 PM

The on-again-off-again BMW supercar successor to the M1 is now rumored to be coming in 2016, according to Autobild. Why so long? Because the i8 electric hybrid sportscar launches in 2014 and BMW would like to give the i8 some time on the market without any potential sales cannibalization posed by a successor to the M1. We think it’s unlikely that BMW will revive the M1 nameplate, but may instead choose a previously unused and higher identifier – perhaps the M10 (which was recently trademarked).

The market introduction is so far away for this potential halo sports model that engine and performance specs are mostly speculative and subject to change, but the report speculates that it may be powered by a turbocharged V8 with 600-650 horsepowers, with … CONTINUED

05/24/2011    6:37 PM

File this under “Too Good To Be True” for now. If you ask 10 BMW enthusiasts what fantasy car they want BMW to make happen, nine probably will say ‘A real supercar like the original M1 was.’ If the restless BMW insider SCOTT26 is to be believed, he has told us that BMW is considering exactly that. Internally dubbed “M-One,” this project is said to be at a very early stage, meaning it only exists as a sketch so far. No surprise then that there aren’t any technical details yet. However, a logical powerplant would be the use of the engine of the upcoming F30 M3, as well as its underpinnings and platform. Scott stresses that the M-One would be an unique M car, meaning … CONTINUED