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04/17/2013    11:38 AM

The BMW N54 engine is turning out to be the 2jz engine (Toyota Supra) of this decade. It’s the darling of the BMW aftermarket tuning world and it’s now hit new horsepower heights.

Vargas Turbocharger Technologies has now hit 693 WHP on the N54 platform with its VTT-R63 Stage 3 upgraded turbo package (featuring Garrett turbos) for the E90/E92 3 Series. This was with a PTF Pro-Tuned COBB Flash on 98 Octane and NO Methanol.

- Upgraded Twin Turbos – Garrett GTX-R63
- catless, FBO, 335 6MT
- 98 Octane (673 WHP / 564 WTQ)
- 98 Octane+Meth (693 WHP / 572 WTQ)
- 30 PSI

Check out the full details and dyno plot inside.

02/20/2012    9:20 PM

Vishnu Performance Systems has pushed the tuning of the N54 platform to unprecedented levels with its N54 335i single turbo build, the first one successfully dyno’d.

The latest dyno has already achieved 627whp / 477 lb-ft. torque @ 22.5 PSI. The final power goal is an incredible 700whp!

See the dyno and highway run inside, along with full system technical details and ongoing progress of the build.

01/17/2012    1:55 PM

A single turbo N54 engined E90 3 Series is finally alive! HorsepowerFreaks recently fired up a forum member’s E90 335i with their HPF turbo system. Currently on the 335 is a Precision 6265. This N54 car has the HPF front mount intercooler, Evolution Racewerks BOV pipe with HKS BOV and the HPF exhaust. It is also running a Vishnu Procede and AEM gauges. Dyno results will be in soon, so stay tuned.

10/25/2010    4:05 PM

Single turbo kits have been the vaporware of the N54 tuning world – often started but seldomly finished. AR Design gives hope with preliminary results of their single turbo N54 which has hit 444whp@15psi on a Mustang dyno, all on pump gas and no other FI methods!