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09/27/2010    10:00 AM

Project i now has an online presence. The BMW Group has launched a website for Project i, the think tank program for developing environmentally conscious solutions for congested city motoring. The site is located at www.project-i.com and will feature information and news on BMW’s automotive sustainability development. Facebook and Twitter pages for Project i have also gone online.

The internationally oriented, English-language website provides a detailed overview of the approaches and solutions regarding the challenges of sustainable mobility – from the basic vision of electric vehicles on specific test vehicles like the MINI E and the BMW ActiveE to the revolutionary LifeDrive concept of the Mega City Vehicles.

In addition to the official website, twitter and facebook pages for Project i have also been launched at www.twitter.com/bmwprojecti … CONTINUED

07/01/2010    7:02 PM

Here is the first officially released stunning concept image of the upcoming Megacity vehicle, an all electric “city car.” The BMW Megacity is expected to enter production sometime in 2013. Pictured here is a 4 seater car powered by a rear mounted electric motor (running on batteries). To minimize weight, the Megacity vehicle will feature extensive use of carbon firber reinforced plastics.

More photos shortly.

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