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05/17/2013    11:55 AM

Motor Trend has posted some more info and speculations on the upcoming joint sports car project between BMW and Toyota (also see recent news here and here).

The lead engineer will be none other than Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer responsible for the very successful Toyota 86 (AKA FR-S / GT86 / BRZ). Tada San is a rockstar among fans of the Toyota 86. Some of his engineering philosophies can be seen in the interviews posted below. If the BMW-Toyota joint sports car project is engineered according to these principles, we are in for a treat.

He has already visited with BMW several times in the past year since the greenlighting of this project. “I am hoping for a synergy effect with BMW that will result in … CONTINUED

02/11/2013    6:40 PM

BMW and Toyota recently inked a deal to partner on fuel cell, sports car, and lightweight Technology [more on deal here], which should see synergies in engineering and development.

In a report about the Toyota Supra successor, Motor Trend suggests that the agreement will form the backbone to the development of both the new Supra and the next Z4. They speculate that both sports cars will ride on a revised and beefed up version of the Toyota 86 (AKA GT86, FR-S, BRZ) platform.

Should this rumor prove true, and with the Toyota 86 receiving much critical acclaim for its handling and being a true driver’s car, this will hopefully result in a much more dynamic handling successor Z4 than the current E89 Z4.

As for the next Z4′s … CONTINUED

01/24/2013    10:29 AM

BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) are pursuing their successful strategic long-term cooperation in the field of sustainable mobility today by signing binding agreements aimed at long-term collaboration between the two companies for the joint development of a fuel cell system, joint development of architecture and components for a sports vehicle, and joint research and development of lightweight technologies. These agreements follow a memorandum of understanding signed in June 2012.

Furthermore, BMW Group and TMC also today signed a binding agreement to commence collaborative research on lithium-air batteries, a post-lithium-battery solution. This agreement marks the second phase of collaborative research into next-generation lithium-ion battery cells that commenced in March 2012.

The main points of the agreements are:

1. Fuel cell system
- The companies are convinced that fuel … CONTINUED

07/02/2012    4:35 PM

BMW and Toyota announced last week their plans to work together on the joint development of architecture and components for a future sports car. Few details were given about the joint sports car, which set off much discussions and speculations as to the type of sports car that will be developed. Will it be a small coupe/roadster type vehicle like the FR-S / BRZ (co-developed by Toyota and Subaru), a larger sports car – the likes of which we last saw with the Toyota Supra, or something else altogether?

One thing we can now be sure of is that, unlike the Scion FR-S (Toyota 86) and Subaru BRZ, BMW and Toyota’s respective versions of their jointly developed sports car will not be identical nor share exterior … CONTINUED

06/29/2012    10:00 AM

BMW and Toyota have announced plans to jointly develop a new sports car and other technologies. The two companies have announced today the signing of a memorandum of understanding at BMW’s HQ in Munich.

The companies plan to expand their already existing cooperation initiated in December last year, which will now include joint development of a fuel cell system, joint development of architecture and components for a future sports vehicle, collaboration on powertrain electrification and joint research and development on lightweight technologies.

Toyota’s recent success on collaborating with Subaru to develop the highly acclaimed Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ gives us hope of an exciting sports car from BMW and Toyota.

See the full news announcement inside.