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02/06/2012    12:42 PM

The next generation 2014 X5 (F15) continues its cold weather testing and our spies have spotted the F15 interior for the first time. Below are images of two different prototype X5s, each having different gauges and iDrive buttons. It seems that final designs on those two parts have not yet been finalized and are still undergoing evaluation. The first design seen below shows a larger iDrive button design which features a touchpad surface on top. This dash also features a full black panel display.

Following on the design of the new 6 series (F12/13), 1 series hatchback (F20/21) and new 3 series (F30), the next X5 will feature a large free-standing navigation/infotainment LCD screen. This screen looks to the 8.8 inch panel used in the 6 … CONTINUED

01/29/2012    7:00 PM

What we know about BMW’s aggressive push into the electric car market (via their dedicated BMW i brand) is that it is essentially a two pronged approach. Cover the exotic sports car market with the BMW i8, to effectively show that an electric car can be a desirable super-car and at the same time produce a compact and efficient city car with the BMW i3.

While both of these cars will do alot to put electric cars into the mindset of car buyers and enthusiasts, the real car market is the mainstream people mover: the family sedan. Autobild.de is reporting that somewhere around year 2015, BMW plans to introduce the BMW i5, a fully electric mid-size people mover that will take a more cross-over shape of the … CONTINUED

01/26/2012    9:45 AM

On the heels of the just revealed BMW M Performance Automobiles opening lineup, our spies have spotted yet another F20 prototype which we believe may be the test mule for an upcoming M135i model to join the M Performance lineup, possibly by summer.

Now that the M550d and X5/X6 M50d have officially been announced, it’s really no big stretch to believe that BMW will go with an “M135i” moniker for the F20/F21 135i equipped with M-Sport package. To revisit the info so far on a possible M135i model — a report came from a BMW presentation to Dutch dealers in November that a “M135i” 1 series hatchback was coming this summer. Those in attendance were reportedly told about a M135i featuring 320hp and powered by the N55 … CONTINUED

01/23/2012    11:00 AM

We’ve now spied the 2014 BMW X5 (F15) on video in the first live motion look at the next X5, due at the end of 2013 as a 2014 model. This prototype is spotted in Northern Sweden undergoing cold temperature / winter weather testing. It can be seen purposely inducing slides and drifts, perhaps to test and develop the traction control and xDrive system.

Preliminary info indicates that the hood sits flush with the larger/wider grilles. The headlights are supposed to be trapezoidal shaped and will connect to the headlights, like the F30 3 series. The F15 will also adopt many of the new X model design cues from the X3 and X1.

The F15 X5 is expected to weigh less than the current E70 X5 … CONTINUED

01/18/2012    3:55 PM

Here is a new sighting of the F32 4 series / 3-series coupe. Compared to the F30 3 series sedan, the 4 series coupe will have a more muscular and sleek appearance. The shoulder line at the rear quarter panel is more pronounced and the roofline lower.

Keep in mind that the car looks larger than it actually is due to some of the camouflage paneling, particularly on the front fascia. The heavy camouflage on the front and rear also obscure the headlight and tail light shapes, so no, the lights will not be those round shapes :)

Expect 4- and 6-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines powering the 428i (or 328i) and the 435i (or 335i) and similar design lines as for the F30 3 series.


01/17/2012    8:45 PM

We bring you the very first photos of the F21 135i. We’ve previously spied a 135i 5-door hatchback (F20), but never the 135i 3-door hatchback (F21) as seen here. In fact, F21 sightings in general have been rare.

The F21 is set to be revealed as early as Spring 2012. Expect to see more powerful engines (compared to the F20 1 series 5-door) introduced with the F21. To name a few, we expect a 125i 2.0l turbo inline 4 producing in the ballpark of 220hp and a 125d to complement the 116i, the 118i and the 120d.

M135i ?

As we reported recently, we would not be surprised if BMW went with a “M135i” moniker for this car to form part of the first group of M Performance Automobiles … CONTINUED

01/17/2012    4:44 PM

The next generation BMW X5 (F15) has begun its public testing! We bring you the first photos of it undergoing winter testing in Northern Sweden. These photos show the F15′s new grille design for the first time – which are clearly larger, wider, and bolder than the current X5′s.

Preliminary info indicates that the hood sits flush with the larger/wider grilles. The headlights are supposed to be trapezoidal shaped and will connect to the headlights, like the F30 3 series. The F15 will also adopt many of the new X model design cues from the X3 and X1.

The F15 X5 is expected to weigh less than the current E70 X5 and ride on a modified version of the F10 5 series chassis. Expect both diesel and gasoline … CONTINUED

01/16/2012    6:46 PM

Right now, there are two very interesting BMWs that have either been released or are about to be released. Namely, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe (just released) and the F12 BMW M6 which is literally on the verge of official release.

And so, speculation has rightly so centered around the possibility of the ultimate BMW M sedan, a combination of the 6 Series GC and the M6, a car to challenge and crush the 2012 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG. Well, BMW has answered the call and it looks like the M6 Gran Coupe is a real car and judging my the very scant amount of camouflage on the car, is just around the corner as well. One wonders if the M6 and M6 Gran Coupe may … CONTINUED

12/27/2011    1:20 PM

We bring you the first spy photos of the BMW i8 production prototype model. Seen for the first time, this pre-production BMW i8 mule shows what the i8 will look like with production body parts and styling.

Comparison to i8 Concept Model:

Although this pre-production i8 tracks the concept version’s styling generally, as expected, there are some significant changes from the i8 concept model [official info/pics]. The front fascia has lost a bit of its shark nose front slant with a new lower front bumper design, which protrudes more than that on the concept. Also, the headlights have been moved forward to the edge of the hood. This comes as no surprise considering the fact that the extremely deeply set headlights on the concept i8 would likely limit … CONTINUED