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03/29/2013    7:30 AM

Watch and listen to some super sedans blasting around the ring, in a great back-to-back listen of some of BMW’s most exciting current and future M models – the F80 M3, E90 M3 CRT, F10 M5.

03/26/2013    9:00 AM


Available from launch (summer 2013):

Xdrive30d will have 258 PS (254hp), 8-speed automatic, CO2 (g/km):168
XM50d 381 PS (375hp), CO2 (g/km):180
xdrive50i 450 PS (443hp), CO2 (g/km): 250 [N63Tu engine]

December 2013 production:

sdrive25d 218PS (215hp) CO2 (g/km): 149
xdrive25d 218PS (215hp) CO2 (g/km): 155
xdrive40d 313PS (308hp) CO2 (g/km): 172
xdrive35i 306PS (301hp) CO2 (g/km): 199 (production for US starts August 2013)

The US gets the following models, with these start of production dates:

sDrive35i – August 2013 start of production
xDrive35i – August 2013 start of production
xDrive35d – December 2013 start of production
xDrive50i – August 2013 start of production

These used to be extras for E70 X5 … CONTINUED

03/25/2013    3:50 PM

We have looked at the F32 4 Series Coupe against the E92 3 Series Coupe (comparison pics), now let’s look at how the 4 Series Coupe looks against its most direct competitor in the marketplace – the Audi A5 Coupe.

Compared to the A5 Coupe, the 4 Series Coupe in concept form is:

+ 0.6 inches (16mm) length
- 1.8 inches (28mm) width
- 0.5 inches (12mm) height
+ 2.3 inches (59mm) wheelbase

Note: these are calculated using concept (not production) 4 Series dimensions.

As for the aesthetics, well, that’s subjective of course, but we think that overall (except maybe the front end, which still isn’t totally clear in the spy photos) the F32 looks sportier and more athletic than the A5.

03/25/2013    12:45 PM

As expected, the 2014 F10 M5 will be receiving a LCI update/facelift together with the F10 5 Series. The 5 Series LCI facelift has already been partially revealed, but it’s been unknown how much of the M5′s design would be affected.

These spy photos show that the F10 M5 will receive the same upper front fascia and headlight updates [pics] as the 5 Series, but will receive no changes to the lower front bumper design. Like the 5 Series, the F10 M5 will also receive light updates to its tail lights and lower rear bumper.

The 5 Series LCI will receive tweaks to its steering, but it’s not yet known if the F10 M5 will be affected by this, or receive any other mechanical updates.

03/24/2013    9:37 PM

With the 2 Series coupe set to make its debut later this year (production begins in November), BMW may be sending out teaser signals with this recent video.

03/22/2013    2:30 PM

Now that we have seen the production 4 Series coupe fully uncovered, a natural comparison to draw is between the 4 Series coupe (F32) and the model that it succeeds, the 3 Series coupe (E92).

We do not yet know the official dimensions of the production 4 Series coupe, but for reference the concept 4 series dimensions are:

1.6 inches longer than E92 3 Series coupe
1.6 inches wider than E92 3 Series Coupe
1.3 inches lower than E92 3 Series Coupe
1.9 inches longer wheelbase than E92 3 Series coupe
1.7 inches wider front track than E92 3 Series coupe
3.1 inches wider rear track than E92 3 Series coupe

Note: these are calculated using concept (not production) 4 Series dimensions

03/22/2013    10:15 AM

We have updated with even more photos of the BMW F32 4 Series (435i) coupe in Sport Line, showing even more angles. Enjoy!

03/22/2013    8:53 AM

Caught during a night time photo shoot is this production F32 4 Series Coupe, which gives us the first ever look at the final (and uncovered) 4 Series!

This 435i coupe still looks unique, sleek and sporty despite its toned down front fascia, rear bumper and side view mirrors designs (compared to the concept model). The unique tail lights from the concept version also have not been carried over from the concept. The headlights seen here are the optional full LED headlights.

This appears to be a Sport Line 4 Series model. The wheels are the optional 19″ Style 407 wheels.

Also as expected, we now see the functional air breather vents in the front fender, which began appearing with the 3 Series GT model and will … CONTINUED

03/19/2013    4:45 PM

OK, it’s not truly being hooned, but a M235i coupe prototype is seen doing doughnut patterns in an empty lot as part of its testing. As a result, we get a great live look at all the various angles of the car – a bit like the car being on a rotating auto show display. We also get a good listen at its exhaust and engine sounds.

There is also a brief look at the F22 2 Series Coupe against the F30 3 Series Sedan, for a glance at how they compare in size/shape from the rear.

Production of the M235i coupe begins this November 2013 in the Leipzig plant, for an 8 month first-model-year production run (until June 2014). There will be no 235i model in … CONTINUED