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10/25/2011    12:45 PM

M3 and manual transmission fans can now exhale. These latest spy photos of the F80 M3 sedan by a Autoweek reader show the first interior photos of the F80 M3 sedan and as luck would have it, a manual shifter is clearly visible! This confirms that the F80 M3 should come with both manual transmission and M-DCT options. A smooth shifting M-DCT equipped F80 M3 has already been spied on video previously.

This comes as relief for manual transmission traditionalists as even BMW M has recently stated that it’s unsure how long it will keep developing M models with manual transmission and at some point it will simply not be offered.

The US should receive the manual transmission option as it remains the market which demands it most. … CONTINUED

10/24/2011    2:52 PM

We’re happy to share the best spyhots of the F32 4 series coupe to date. Days after the first ever spotting of the F32 4 series coupe, our spies have caught another F32 prototype, this time in white.

Compared to the recently unveiled F30 3 series sedan, the 4 series coupe will have a more muscular and sleek appearance. The shoulder line at the rear quarter panel is more pronounced and the roofline lower. These shots also allow us a better look at the shape of the rear windows and the famous Hofmeister kink.

Keep in mind that the car looks larger than it actually is due to some of the camouflage paneling, particularly on the front fascia. The heavy camouflage on the front and rear also obscure … CONTINUED

10/20/2011    8:51 AM

We’re thrilled to post the world’s first photos of the F32 3 series (or 4 series) coupe! Despite the heavy camouflage you can see a very sleek and sporty design. As usual for BMW coupes, there are frameless windows and a B-pillar for structural rigidity. There’s a lot of camouflage around the rear windows so the shape of the window or the famous Hofmeister kink can’t be made out yet.

We expect the F32 to get the same engines as the just-unveiled F30 3 series sedan, i.e. the 4-cylinder turbo engine in the 28i and the 6-cylinder turbo 35i. As the F32 is supposed to take on a more upmarket image than the F30, perhaps BMW will offer a higher output for the 35i. Just speculation for … CONTINUED

10/18/2011    12:45 PM

It is always a special thing when a BMW begins development testing at the Nurburgring. Not only does it reassure us BMW faithful that Munich’s finest is being properly developed and tested on the world’s most hallowed racetrack, it also marks the next step towards final release of the car.

Looking at the car itself, it seems to be an earlier prototype which still retains the body armor protecting it from revealing eyes and cameras. However, it does appear when looking at our earlier more revealing spyphotos and videos that the design is already complete. However, what many of us speculate is not complete is the development and decision on the power train. I include the word decision because as there is debate among enthusiast circles about … CONTINUED

10/13/2011    12:50 PM

The F01 7-series is due for a facelift and the prototypes continue to undergo public testing.

Expect the F01 7-series LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) to be unveiled next Spring. The biggest changes to be seen will be to the front fascia. Full LED headlights will come to the 7 series for the first time. Underneath the camouflage tape, the bumper directly underneath the headlights will transition to the lower part of the kidney grilles with a more pronounced ‘swoop’ line (not pictured in render). The lower bumper will take on the attractive look of the BMW Concept 7 Active Hybrid from 2008.

The Kidney grilles will receive a thicker and more pronounced grille surround and thicker angled kidney grille bars found on some 6 series and 5 series … CONTINUED

10/11/2011    7:00 AM

The F30 3 series will be fully revealed to the world this Friday, but its dashboard has now been revealed in these spy photos. Although these are not great quality photos, what’s seen here does appear to match up to the F30 interior spy photos we’ve previously posted.

As expected, the F30′s dashboard is a bit of a mix between the F10 5 series and F21 1 series, with the large fixed screen that we’ve seen in previous spy photos.

The dashboard trim appears to be quite a bit taller, but shorter than the E90/E92′s trim and is an attractive black wood grain in this particular model.

10/06/2011    2:10 PM

We recently reported the first sighting of the upcoming 6 Series Gran Coupe on the Nurburgring, and the M Sport version has now hit the ring for the first time.

The 6 Series Gran Coupe will feature M sport exterior styling from the 6 Series M Sport which adds an aggressive flare to the Gran Coupe’s very sleek shape. Current expectation is for the Gran Coupe to hit showrooms in 2012 as a 2013 Model Year vehicle. Engine range is expected to be identical to the 6-Series Coupe.

The 6 Series Gran Coupe will take on the Mercedes CLS and Audi A7 directly.