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08/26/2013    12:40 PM

Following the leak of its patent drawings, the X4 M Sport has now been spied out testing.

Like the X3 M Sport, with which it shares a platform, the X4 M Sport Package will feature cosmetic enhancements such as the M Sport aerodynamic kit, M Sport wheels and shadowline exterior trim, as well as an M Sport steering wheel and interior.

The aerodynamic kit includes the M Sport front bumper, rear bumper, sideskirts and body color matched fenders, which can be seen on this prototype.

This model also features the adaptive LED headlights seen in the patents.

08/19/2013    10:30 PM

The patent drawings for the upcoming X4 SAV have been revealed and they preview many body panels, as well as headlights and tail lights.

The front bumper pictured in the diagrams may be an M Sport bumper as it features much larger air intakes than those seen on recent standard model X4 prototypes.

And while the production X4 will lose the hexagonal corona lights of the X4 Concept, the diagrams show that the X4 will receive a full adaptive LED headlight option (figure 3.2).

08/09/2013    10:10 AM

Here’s a real life look at the upcoming BMW X4 SAV versus the current X3. Both cars share the same platform.

06/29/2013    12:00 PM

First BMW revealed the upcoming BMW X4 in concept form, then came the photoshops of what it could look like in various colors, and now in the next stage of online followship of the new BMW, come the very first prototypes of the production version.

Just like the bigger siblings in the BMW X family, the BMW X5/X6, the BMW X4 will be closely paired with the X3 in both looks and underlying architecture. The styling is where the real differences seem to be. And thankfully, it seems the production X4 will stay true to the path laid out by the concept car. The fastback proportions matched with the deep sculpture lines of the X3 work extremely well, I suppose its because the tighter and form … CONTINUED

06/11/2013    11:00 AM

Have a look at the BMW X4 SAC rendered in several colors and even in X4 M form.

The production BMW X4 will hit the market sometime in 2014.

04/25/2013    10:00 AM

Video of BMW at the Auto Shanghai 2013, with press conferences showing the BMW X4 Concept, as well as visual highlights from the BMW display.

04/20/2013    10:12 AM

We were on hand to witness the BMW X4 Concept making its world debut today at the 2013 Auto Shanghai. As the X4 Concept draws heavily on the design of the X6 SAC, it looks very much like a mini-X6. Expect certain elements on the concept model to be changed when the production version hits the market next year – notably the headlight lighting elements, front bumper, mirrors and door handles.

The interior was not showcased, but expect it to share an interior with the current F25 X3. Enjoy the images from the show below.

For more official details and images of the X4 Concept, see our Official Thread @ http://x3.xbimmers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=823889

04/17/2013    9:45 AM

We have added new BMW X4 Concept wallpaper images, featuring the first on-location images.

04/06/2013    11:00 AM

First live look at the BMW X4 Concept, including a walkaround and closeups, as well as the lights in action.