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04/29/2013    12:50 PM

We’ve gotten another look at the F15 X5′s interior and it provides the best idea yet of what it will look like once revealed.

Interior / Wheels

The F15 X5′s general dashboard design takes after the F30 3 Series with a multi-layered look. Compared to the current X5 (E70), the next X5′s dashboard has also become more driver-centric, a design element seen in recent new BMW models. It will also be more upright compared to the current X5′s dashboard, which angles and curves away sharply from the driver and passenger. See a comparison image below.

Following on the design of the newest BMW models, the next X5 will feature a large free-standing navigation/infotainment LCD screen. This screen looks to be the 8.8 inch panel used in the latest … CONTINUED

03/26/2013    9:00 AM


Available from launch (summer 2013):

Xdrive30d will have 258 PS (254hp), 8-speed automatic, CO2 (g/km):168
XM50d 381 PS (375hp), CO2 (g/km):180
xdrive50i 450 PS (443hp), CO2 (g/km): 250 [N63Tu engine]

December 2013 production:

sdrive25d 218PS (215hp) CO2 (g/km): 149
xdrive25d 218PS (215hp) CO2 (g/km): 155
xdrive40d 313PS (308hp) CO2 (g/km): 172
xdrive35i 306PS (301hp) CO2 (g/km): 199 (production for US starts August 2013)

The US gets the following models, with these start of production dates:

sDrive35i – August 2013 start of production
xDrive35i – August 2013 start of production
xDrive35d – December 2013 start of production
xDrive50i – August 2013 start of production

These used to be extras for E70 X5 … CONTINUED

03/18/2013    8:30 AM

Have a look at the upcoming 2014 BMW X5 (F15) compared visually to the current X5 (E70), while the two cars were spotted in testing for the new X5.

02/28/2013    2:30 PM

US BMW dealers are receiving order guides for the upcoming 2014 BMW X5 (F15), along with a special order form to order their first demo cars. The order guides reveal the lines, options and packages that will be available on the F15 X5.

Images of the production model were already leaked last month (copied below) and it showed the latest in BMW styling and design elements, including headlights which connect to the kidney grilles, air curtain technology in the bumper and functional front fender vents. Other technologies expected to debut on the F15 X5 include a pedestrian airbag system and the iDrive Touch Controller System.

The new X5 is expected to weigh less than the current X5 and ride on a modified version of the F10 5 … CONTINUED

01/14/2013    10:22 AM

The time is ripe for the new X5 to be shown off, and these low quality and somewhat dithered images which were leaked onto the web, certainly look official.

Infact, the BMW X5 has been slowing dropping its camo to reveal more and more of its flesh and these images confirm our suspicions on the new design elements the X5 would inherit from the current BMW lineup.

Those elements being the BMW Air Curtain technology which features air vents in the front bumper designed to channel air. These vents have been stylized somewhat with border contrasting color which befits the the SUV body much more.

Also seen here is the possibility of the front fender vent, ie. the boomerang vent that we’ve seen on the F32 concept … CONTINUED

12/19/2012    10:27 AM

Have a look at the more exposed 2014 X5 (F15) prototype which has dropped some major camouflage to reveal much more of its styling and design.


We can now clearly see the front bumper design, with its integrated air curtain vents. Also clearly visible now are the tail lights and headlight designs, which connect to the kidney grilles as we reported before. The grilles are larger, wider, and have a thicker surround than those on the current X5. It retains the 7 slat design.

The hoodline has been moved to above the kidney grilles, but conform to the grilles and headlight shapes, instead of the higher (and more unattractive) hoodlines seen on newer BMW models such as the 3, 5, and 7 Series.


10/11/2012    12:15 PM

We’ve captured the next generation X5 M prototype on video for the first time and despite all its camouflage and cladding, still impresses with its furious sounds on the Nurbrugring test track. Have a look and listen inside.

10/09/2012    5:00 PM

It’s the start of a big testing week for BMW at the Nurburgring, where we’ve just spied the next generation BMW X5 M (F15) in testing. Check out the photos inside. Expect the X5M as a 2015 model year.

08/09/2012    10:30 AM

BMW continues testing of the 2014 F15 X5 and we’ve just spied a prototype exposing the standard model bumper. The previous model spied (pics below) featured large intakes, likely from the M Sport or X5 M, but this test mule gives us the first look at the standard F15 X5′s front apron design.

It’s also the first time we see that the F15 X5 will feature integrated air curtain vents in its bumper design. Those who are not fans of the hood cutlines (separated from the kidney grilles) on the recent BMW models will appreciate that the 2014 X5′s hood cutline goes up to and traces the tops of the kidney grilles.

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A couple of 2014 X5 (F15) prototypes flashed their grilles for the … CONTINUED