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04/29/2011    1:15 PM

All auto manufacturer tries to keep new models they’re working on a secret. Yet, there are cars virtually everyone knows about based on speculation or inside information. One of these cars is the BMW Z2 roadster. The Z4 has long abandoned the niche the BMW Z3 was once designed for. So it’s only reasonable that BMW is looking to re-enter that niche again — a small and pure roadster, affordable, light, fun. We’ve reported earlier about BMW working on a Z2 offering such a package. There was some silence on this car as of late, but now there’s more information coming from Autobild.

According to this report, BMW is considering two drivetrain options for the Z2. Details inside…

02/08/2011    12:07 PM

theage.com is reporting that BMW has confirmed the reveal of a small roadster concept at the Geneva autoshow next month, one which will preview an eventual production roadster which slots in under the Z4. Could it possibly be the long rumored BMW Z2, or just a description of the BMW Connected Drive Roadster Concept?

If so, could this possibly mean that there are two concept roadsters headed for a Geneva reveal? BMW insider SCOTT26 has stated that the BMW Connected Drive Roadster Concept will be unveiled at Geneva. However, that roadster is described as a “Preview Concept of a future two seater Roadster destined for the luxury market but equipped with BMW Connected drive technology,” hardly a description apt for an entry-level and possibly FWD roadster which … CONTINUED