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10/21/2010    9:52 AM

Autospies provides a video walkthrough of the 2011 BMW X3 exterior and interior, as well as a brief demo of the Connected Drive and Mobile Office features.

10/08/2010    1:03 PM

BMW has released its newest information and photos highlighting Connected Drive and Efficient Dynamics technologies of the future. Some exciting systems are in the works. Full details inside.

10/03/2010    6:00 PM

BMW’s newest in-car connectivity and technologies were on display at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Video presentations and interactive displays showcased BMW link, BMW Station for iPhone, iPad holder, BMW hotspot, onboard internet, night vision, HUD, bluetooth office, and local search.

07/07/2010    2:30 PM

A new BMW interface for controlling the iPhone and iPod Touch is coming! BMW will soon be utilizing the new iPod-OUT feature of Apples new operating system (iOS4) for these devices. Future BMW owners will be able to use the infotainment system to display and control iPhone/iPod Touch music playback features in the vehicles main display.



iPod Out enables BMW and MINI infotainment systems to display and control the music playback feature in iPhone and iPod touch in the vehicles main display. The on-board monitor in BMW and MINI provides users with the simplicity and … CONTINUED

06/24/2010    7:00 PM

Beginning this Autumn, BMW’s ConnectedDrive will allow e-mail messages to be received inside the vehicle enabled by a Bluetooth connection (to a Blackberry). Owners may access the phone’s e-mail functions via iDrive, which will not only be displayed on the screen, but may even be read out via voice output.

09/14/2009    7:21 AM

BMW is presenting its Concept BMW Application Store at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). It’s the world’s first carmaker to demonstrate possibility of downloading and storing individual applications either from the car at any time on the move or from your PC at home.