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12/17/2009    1:30 PM

The F10 has certainly been making the rounds through the automotive press and AutoExpress was smart enough to take the car into the studio and get these awesome shots of the car in its more pure form. Take a peek!

Attachment 334156

Attachment 334157

Attachment 334158

Attachment 334159

Source: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/front_w….php?id=344392

12/08/2009    4:30 PM

The eternal battle…. Now in its 5th generation the all new F10 5-Series goes head to head with the newly released Mercedes Benz E-Class. These comparisons have always been made, but now with a new sense of speed. Courtesy of the german language magazine http://www.autobild.de we now have a head-to-head photoshoot and comparison of the two cars. In this case, they decided to compare the popular Mercedes Benz E350 CDI vs. BMW 530d. Both cars being elegant yet very powerful diesel powered cars.

Included here is the photo set, but please make sure to read the full writeup @autobild: http://www.autobild.de/artikel/vergl…i_1020073.html

Attachment 332846

Attachment 332847… CONTINUED

12/06/2009    8:03 PM

A titanium silver F10 5-series was recently caught on the Autobahn. One of the first sightings of a production version F10 5 series in public.

12/01/2009    5:45 PM

Oliver Heilmer, the designer of the F10 5-series interior discusses the design philosophy behind the best interior design and layout in a 5 series yet.

11/27/2009    8:15 PM

The F10 5-series pricing for the UK has been announced. Here’s a comparison to E60 prices. What’s your guess for US prices?

11/27/2009    2:59 AM

The exterior design of the F10 5-series exterior is explained in this video. The designer of the F10 was Jacek Fröhlich.

11/24/2009    2:31 PM

Here are some photos of the F10 5-series lighting elements, including the headlights and tail lights.

11/24/2009    2:29 PM

Click inside for various photos of the F10 5-series interior, including the dash, nav screen, passenger compartment, etc.

11/23/2009    3:57 PM

Follow the jump to check out the most complete wallpaper collection you can find on the internet. All the official wallpapers are collected here alongside videos as well as the official press releases associated with the official reveal of the car.