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07/18/2011    4:30 PM

The AWD xi version of the 528i, along with a hybrid version of the 535i will be both be debuting this fall in the US market. The 528xi will begin production for the US in September and like the 2012 528i (which will also begin production in September) it will begin its life being powered by BMW’s N20 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 240hp / 260lb-ft tq (more details).

The F10 lineup will also see a hybrid model for the first time with the 535i ActiveHybrid, which begins production in December of this year. The 535i ActiveHybrid will be powered by the N55 turbo six cylinder motor (which makes 306hp in the 535i), mated to an electric motor making 54 more horsepowers. We expect it to come … CONTINUED