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04/19/2012    5:20 PM

This 2012 M5 was traveling at top speed and lost control of the car as he braked for a car joining the highway. The 60 year old driver, 20 year old passenger, and a dog were all seriously injured, but are alive. Judging by the severity of the damage to the car, it’s a testament to the M5′s safety technology that no one was instantly killed.

It’s easy to forget sometimes just how much power our BMWs have and while they are some of the safest cars in the world, we are all still human, capable of suffering injuries and making driving mistakes (or simply suffering bad luck). So please be safe out there! F10 M5 accident crash

01/18/2012    10:00 AM

We’re not sure why we’re compelled to report the first crashes for each new BMW model, but perhaps it’s to serve as a warning to all our members to always drive with caution, and/or maybe its just a bit of a rubber-necker syndrome.

The first reported F10 M5 crash has unfortunately just occurred today. This M5 is on its way to the BMW dealer at The Hague (BMW Den Haag) for assessment and repairs.

Upon first glance, it appears that only the front end and bumper were damaged, but upon further inspection it seems that there’s also a gash. Hopefully these are mostly cosmetic damages and the car will be back on the road soon. bmw m5 crash accident.