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05/07/2012    9:45 AM

The 2012 One Lap of America race kicked off this past weekend and the BMW Performance Driving School Team (Steve Maguire) is reporting in daily to provide live updates of the car and team’s progress.

Days 1 and 2 have passed and the M5 has already been on the wet skid pad, South Bend Motor Speedway, Autobahn Country Club, and the Mid-America Motorplex Mile Circuit. Check out Steve’s journal inside for how the M5 fared and to follow all daily updates for the rest of the race.

05/03/2012    12:30 PM

The US Order Banks for the 2013 M5 F10 are now open and orders can finally be submitted for your M5 order! Dealers have not yet received their allocations yet, but order may be submitted nonetheless. Come share with us what configuration you have ordered.

05/02/2012    12:55 PM

Following the release of the full U.S. 2013 M5 order and price guide last week, the U.S. M5 online configurator is now available at BMWUSA.com.

The U.S. 2013 M5 order bank is set to open soon (we were told sometime the first week of May), at which point dealers will find out their M5 allocations and be able to submit customer orders. Production for U.S. bound M5s begin in July, for September delivery, and M5 European Deliveries begin in early September.

For more information and discussions regarding M5 pricing, ordering, and tracking, see our new subforum – F10 M5 Pricing, Ordering, Tracking, and European Delivery

05/01/2012    2:40 PM

Per the recently released 2013 M5 US Order Guide, the BMW M5 F10 will add a new color as of July production, and it’s most eye catching color yet – Sakhir Orange Metallic. This exterior paint color has been the launch/marketing color for the 2013 M6 coupe and for anyone who wants to be noticed in their M5, this color would surely do it

We’ve seen and posted photos of every standard and recommended Individual M5 color, but since there are no photos yet of a Sakhir Orange M5, we’ve rendered up these few previews to help those who are contemplating the color for order.

04/30/2012    1:00 PM

An M5POST member shares with us his experience from BMW’s M Specialist Training at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, SC. This is the program where BMW Client Advisors receive their certification as M Certified Sales Consultants. The biggest surprise of the experience came when the class got the first hotlap rides in the just delivered F10 M5. Here’s his account:

This past Monday and Tuesday, I went down to the Performance Center for the first time. I have been working for BMW for 9 years and I can certainly say it was worth the wait.

As of Tuesday, I am officially a BMW M Certified Sales Consultant!

I know Ryan and Jimmy (Golffer) had their trip in January. I was suppose to attend the same … CONTINUED

04/27/2012    2:20 PM

We present the just released 3D Design F10 M5! The 3D Design program for the F10 M5 features a robust line of carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories including a front lip, low splitters, side skirts, rear diffuser, and trunk spoiler. In addition to these pieces the roof spoiler from their existing F10 line will also be compatible.

The F10 M5 line will not stop at the aerodynamic portion of the brand. 3D Design will have their trademark exhaust system developed with Arqray as a technology partner. Currently the exhaust will be made available in stainless steel with quad 100mm tips providing a aggressiveness that suits the elegance of their rear diffuser. The exhaust will be made available in both a JASMA spec as well as Export spec.


04/26/2012    7:00 PM

Finally, here is the U.S. 2013 M5 Ordering Guide listing all standard equipment, options, packages, and related pricing (including European Delivery price).

Per BMW NA, the 2013 M5 US order bank (when your dealer will be able to submit your M5 order) is now anticipated to open the first week of May.

So what does your order look like? Download the full guide and share your build with us inside.

04/24/2012    1:25 PM

BMW’s DCT is an excellent transmission and is now without doubt the fastest production transmission offered by BMW, but enthusiasts who appreciate rowing their own gears still get a warm fuzzy feeling when seeing a manual transmission in a new BMW model, even if it’s already been confirmed and has been seen previously — such as the 6 speed shifter seen in this F10 M5.

There are just a few US spec F10 M5s roaming the US being driven by BMW employees or on loan as press cars. One of these was just spotted (thanks Justin) in Newport Beach in Los Angeles.

The U.S. order bank for the 2013 M5 will open this week and full option pricing and order guides will also be made available. The 6 … CONTINUED

04/23/2012    5:00 PM

Citrin Black is one of the recommended BMW Individual colors for the F10 M5 and we’ve also discovered that it’s one of the rarer BMW Individual colors ordered as there are not many examples of it on any BMW. Now here’s a shiny new example from M5POST member PeterM5 who just took delivery of this gorgeous Citrin Black 2012 M5.

It’s paired with piano black interior trim and platinum merino leather, making for a beautiful combination.