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01/27/2012    3:15 PM

Watch and listen as a short throttle test within a dealership produces some impressive sounds from the 2012 M5 (F10). Listen to those pops on deceleration!

01/27/2012    10:46 AM

Here’s a terrific and very informative interview with the engineer behind all of the technology (excepting electronics) of the 2012 F10 M5.

Maximilian Ahme answers many questions and speaks on many topics regarding the F10 M5, including engine, transmission and differential, efficient dynamics technologies, AWD, chassis, performance, and more. This is a must-read interview for any M5 fans.

01/26/2012    1:10 PM

2012 BMW DTM driver Augusto Farfus Jr. takes a group of ragdolls (aka passengers) around in the F10 M5 as he demonstrates both the new M5′s power and handling, as well as his professional racing skills. Check out the video inside.

01/25/2012    1:38 PM

Since its recent European market introduction, many a M5 fan has been waiting to see the tuning potential of the new F10 M5 and its beefy 560hp bi-turbo S63Tu engine. The first F10 M5 ECU tune has now been released, by the German tuning company, PP-Performance.

They were recently able to crack the factory ECU and their Stage 1 tune added:

Gains: +60hp and +70Nm (51lb-ft) torque
New total output: 620 HP / 750Nm (553lb-ft) torque

The price for the stage 1 tune has been set at 3,499 € (euros). Their Stage 2 tune is already in the works, so expect even higher modified numbers from the F10 M5 soon.

With tuners already achieving 750hp with the S63 motor from the X5M/X6M (such as the Manhart biturbo M3), expect the same … CONTINUED

01/24/2012    1:50 PM

On display at the 2012 Qatar Motor Show is the very first BMW F10 M5 in Melbourne Red. Melbourne Red isn’t offered as a standard color on the F10 M5 so this is a BMW Individual product.

It’s being shown with matt aluminum window which is part of the “Individual exterior line” no-cost option for the M5 F10.

01/22/2012    6:10 PM

Sometimes it’s mad fun (and great sounding) to rip off some revs in your BMW in enclosed spaces such as tunnels or underground garage. So how would the 560hp F10 M5 MotoGP Safety Car with its Akrapovic exhaust system sound in the BMW Welt? As you can see in the video inside, pretty damn awesome!

01/22/2012    12:10 PM

Seen here is the very first 2012 M5 (F10) to hit the Turkish market, on display at a BMW dealer. What does it cost to take home this bad boy in Turkey? Only 277,018 euros, or a measley $358,267!

01/20/2012    8:00 AM

German magazine Autozeitung has pitted the new BMW M5 (F10) against its bigger cousin. The F10 M5 is powered the S63Tu, an improved version of the BMW X6M’s S63 engine. Given the S63Tu’s enhancements over the S63 and the F10 M5′s lighter weight, the M5 winning in all categories and placing in 1st is certainly not surprising.

What is interesting however is to see more real world F10 M5 performance test results.

They were able to get the F10 M5 from 0-100km/h (62mph) in 4.2 seconds and from 0-200km/h (124mph) in just 11.7 seconds, which is wicked fast.

The rest of the data, despite being in German, is pretty self explanatory and easy to tell, so have a look below.

01/19/2012    11:35 AM

A BIMMERPOST / 5POST member was able to sneak a peek at his almost-delivered F10 M5 yesterday. His car was at the dealer pending homologation into Singapore due to it being among the first batch of production F10 M5s. This is the very first frozen gray F10 M5 we have seen, and it will no doubt look even better under proper lighting and picture quality. Writeup and proper photo shoot to come next week, so stay tuned!