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08/13/2011    12:21 PM

Exciting moment folks! We bring you the very first spyshots of the next generation F30 M3 / F32 M3. These photos show an F30 3-series sedan with several trademark M3 features such as quad-exhaust, flared fenders and drilled brake discs.

Scott26 claims that these photos are no indication of an M3 sedan making it to production. Rather, BMW had only an F30 prototype to use for testing the M3 parts and components. Don’t count the F30 M3 sedan out yet however, as it’s been alluded to that it may still be in the plans — despite the rather slow sales of the E90 M3 sedan. That this prototype F30 M3 has wider fenders indicates to us that this is merely the F32 M3 … CONTINUED

12/20/2010    3:00 PM

M3post member swamp2 has put together this technically based prediction of the next generation F32 M3′s performance specs. His predictions are 0-60mph of 3.7-3.9s, 0-100mph of 8.6-8.8s, 1/4 mile time of 11.9-12.1s, Nurburgring lap time of 7:53-7:58. These numbers are based on certain assumptions and unknowns, but it’s still a fun topic to discuss and digest.

11/02/2010    4:00 PM

BMW insider Scott26 places the next generation F32/F33 M3′s power at approximately 450 PS, with room to be bumped up later. More extreme M3 variants will also likely be in the works, such as the possible return of an M3 CSL.